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Hey bears.Just moved into Garrett Co. Maryland, basically WV, and looking to get connected with ppl up on this side of the state.My family and I are in Accident, MD.Whats up?
Started by BeneBear in West Virginia Bears 46 minutes ago
I am a long time listener and though I am not bearified ,I am a bike owner married Christian with 2 young kids we live in a small town south of Edmonton and we are seeking to meet up with some fell...
Started by Linden Schneider in Alberta Bears 47 minutes ago
Looking for a licensed CDL driver with a clean record. 2 years experience required, job will require driver to spend 2 weeks OTR at minimum.Starting pay range between .50/mile and $.55/mile based o...
Started by Dmitriy in Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears) 2 hours ago
Buying stuff for Christmas presents? Why not artwork? Why not my artwork?I'm currently closed for commissions, but I have a couple dozen paintings for sale. Check out my instagram to see my work: h...
Started by Ally Hill in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 2 hours ago
Computer time finding like minded people creates lots of hurdles and requires inside time and procrastination of outdoor activities..I am putting on a bonfire on 12-12-2020 Saturday, rather than th...
Started by ClakamasRiverBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 hours ago
My wife and daughter did some thinning of the herd in their closets and I wanted to offer some free clothes to members of our Bear Family.    I'm a dude... but here's pretty much what we got here: ...
Started by Super Delta Bear in St. Louis Bears 3 hours ago
Anybody interested in another Bear Meet-up?  Liberty Bear, want to set a date?Elaine
Started by Elaine Ash in Los Angeles Bears 10 hours ago
14 may not be many but I find it  inspiring. Finding people who I can relate to is difficult. Nothing but scared eyes behind masks in Windham county. Thanks to Owen I have a plan that even my Boome...
Started by Quiet Sparky Bear in CT bears.... 11 hours ago
How's everyone doing? -Nate
Started by StLouisBear in St. Louis Bears 12 hours ago
Message me on IG valhallabear if you want to be added to the group chat we have going! We’ve had several meetups so far (don’t tell her majesty) and have more coming up! Always a good time to meet ...
Started by Valhallabear in Portland Bears 12 hours ago
Hey Bears! As I mentioned in another thread, we got a chat going on IG and hopefully a another, non-grabbled platform soon.I would love to communicate in real time and schedule a meet up before the...
Started by ArthurFantastic in Central Florida Bears 13 hours ago
I know you're out there. Give a shout out. I travel all over this beautiful province. (Although I tend to be somewhere in the kootenays most of the time) 
Started by Christobear in Pacific Northwest Bears 13 hours ago
Hello, She Bears! I have thought long and hard about what I could contribute to the Bear community, and it’s very clear to me that I can share what I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy to lea...
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 13 hours ago
Due to lack of demand because of coronu, hundreds of hogs are being sold off cheap! Adult Hogs at 250-300lbs going for $125 (pending getting a phone number to another for $75), butchered is like $1...
Hello Bears, I am setting up a meetup for the end of the month that is looking to be a fairly large one. The location is[] and Bears from all over are planning to attend. I have a Google Hangou...
We're growing a neat little Bear community in northern VA. We're planning another bonfire hangout at Tamburn Manor on Oct. 31 if y'all want to ungrabble the Halloween a bit with the Bears. We'll be...
Started by BinderBear in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 14 hours ago
Hi,  I"m new to this group.  I'm looking at buying a house in Dixie, ID.  I will need to work for a few more years.  I have 20+ years experience, Class A CDL with all endorsements except school bus...
Started by Glenda MotherTruckerBear in Employ bears. 15 hours ago
Hello! I'm excited to connect and grow a strong bear community in the Garden State. If you find this group be sure to join and hopefully we can grow big enough for meet ups and more. 
Started by Pine Swamp Bear in New Jersey Bears 15 hours ago
I know a couple around here, I'll direct them to this site!
Started by troyfletcher in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 15 hours ago
Hey, bears. Anybody have to fly commercial airlines since the mask "mandates" have been in effect? Would be curious to know your experience avoiding the mask wearing. Thanks, y'all.    - SamwiseBear
Started by SamwisetheGreatBear in Bear Trail 15 hours ago
Hey bears. I'm in Cheyenne, Wy. May this sign post find you in good spirits. Looking to make connections and vet future localish amigos. 
Started by Isaac in wyoming 15 hours ago
Computer time finding like minded people creates lots of hurdles and requires inside time and procrastination of outdoor activities..I am putting on a bonfire on 12-12-2020 Saturday, rather than th...
Started by ClakamasRiverBear in Portland Bears 16 hours ago
Bears. I just found out my family will be relocating from central N.Y. to Texas. We can choose between Austin, Houston, and Dallas areas. I need all the tips on the best areas to look at. Although ...
Started by Holly_Beary in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 16 hours ago
We crush! Who’s out there?
Started by Matt Dahlman (Valleybear) in Utah Bears 20 hours ago
Just wondering if I’m the only one.
Started by OKBear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 20 hours ago