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If anyone has space for an event, please message me, I have an IDEA!
Started by jason campbell in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 52 minutes ago
If anyone has the space to host an event, please message me, I have an IDEA!
Would ya'll s like to start planning some sort of meet up? Maybe a pub or a bit of fishing at one of our great Finger Lakes? I personally love cooking outdoors and we could do a meal over a campfir...
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 1 hour ago
I've got a half-dozen game ideas on paper. I can do dialogue, voice-acting, playtesting, art direction. ...But I can't program to save my life. (isn't that always the case?)Even if I could, it woul...
Started by in Gaming Bears 1 hour ago
Lets grow these numbers
Started by LIAM in Los Angeles Bears 1 hour ago
Hey bears,Hanging out with @bassplayerpapabear and @Holisticmamabear (aka Shaun and Nakita) at the Houston bears get together last weekend just wasn't enough. We need some more bear love so we want...
Started by La Osita in Central Texas Bears 3 hours ago
Anybody interested in another Bear Meet-up?  Liberty Bear, want to set a date?Elaine
Started by Elaine Ash in Los Angeles Bears 4 hours ago
I am wanting to do some bird hunting (ducks and geese) this year and I am wondering if any one has some tips. Maybe a decent spot to scout, calls vs. decoys, common mistakes to avoid' anything woul...
Started by Iggy Bear in Bears of the feather 13 hours ago
Just thought id start throwing things up. I'm also starting a hashtag on SG #seedsharing just because its more active there.I have a Birds Eye Thai Chili PlantPequin Chili Plant that are always thr...
Started by HWbear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 13 hours ago
We crush! Who’s out there?
Started by Matt Dahlman (Valleybear) in Utah Bears 13 hours ago
Hello fellow Utah Bears. My name is Stone Criddle. I have had this idea for a while and I would like to share it with you all.Last winter, I worked the Snowbird Oktoberfest, and it left a very bitt...
Started by Iggy Bear in Utah Bears 13 hours ago
I made a sourdough starter on Tuesday and have been tending it. Once it has completed the process, I will begin showing you recipes to use with it.I will also be Dlive tomorrow morning at 8amPST ma...
Started by Copperbear in First we build, then we feast 14 hours ago
 What up Bears!
Started by Homestead Bear in Carolinas Crushing 16 hours ago
Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to homesteading and crushing in North Carolina! Work and work “family” helped me choose the location. I’m very excited!!!My “kid” sister flew to CA to help me sort ...
Started by Beverly in Carolinas Crushing 1 day ago
I might actually be buying a small plot of land this week in Jefferson County..  I had been casually looking around most of the summer, but I was told about a cool resource for finding vacant land ...
Started by Bear Mooose in St. Louis Bears 1 day ago
Hello, She Bears! I have thought long and hard about what I could contribute to the Bear community, and it’s very clear to me that I can share what I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy to lea...
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 1 day ago
Hi Bears, My sister and I are driving across the country from California to North Carolina. I believe will be stopping in New Mexico tonight. I just wanted to reach out in case there’s anyone in th...
Started by Beverly in Albuquerque/new mexico bears 2 days ago
How are ya?
Started by MerchantBear in Colorado 2 days ago
Chickens? Ducks? Quail? What are you guys doing?
Started by Taterbear in Bears of the feather 2 days ago
Anyone have a line on quail? If not, any of you treasure valley guys want to go in on an order? Not quite ready because I don't have a coop yet. Minimum orders because they are small birds. Also, I...
Started by Taterbear in Bears of Idaho 2 days ago
Hi NW ohio bears! Would love to get to know you!My family and I would like to get to know some real life bears and navigate this crazy world together. 
Started by DazieBear in Black Swamp Bears 2 days ago
Hello Gulf Coast Florida Bears! I’m hosting a fun little ping pong event on Saturday at 6pm. It’s a tournament with prizes etc, but more importantly I thought it would be a great opportunity for so...
Started by ConnectorBear in Gulf Coast of Florida Bears 3 days ago
We have 4 members now! This group is spreading faster than the holocough. Please let me know your location (in general, like the City, not trying to get people's personal information), and anything...
Started by PipeOrganBear in Sioux Falls SD Area 3 days ago
Hi, welcome to the group everyone who is new. Please feel free to post a little bit about yourself, feel free to stay anonymous. I’m hoping to create a community of like-minded people here in San D...
Started by GargoyleBear in San Diego Bears 3 days ago
Y'all are pretty far away from Grass Valley but maybe we can start the bear trail here in CA and connect our cities before we connect to other states?
Started by James in 661/central cali bears 3 days ago