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I know you're out there. Give a shout out. I travel all over this beautiful province. (Although I tend to be somewhere in the kootenays most of the time) 
Started by Christobear in Pacific Northwest Bears 2 hours ago
Greetings,I think it is a good idea for the bears of Portland OR to get together and talk about developing a local community.  We can arrange a place and time based around some place that might be ...
Started by Kainoah Amala in Portland Bears 2 hours ago
I’ve been combing the Bible for advice on this topic. And I think I know what’s right but I could use some encouragement. Watching the streams for the past few months I’ve come to realize what heal...
Started by Hausfraubear in Bearers of the Gospel 3 hours ago
I know a bear in Louisville that can let us use a place for 75 people with a kitchen and bathroom available. I think we should set the date out so we can get ready for it if we are bringing anythin...
Hi Guys, I'm in South Texas (Laredo), Nice to see the Bears spread all the way down here to the Lone Star State
Started by PabloEsco_Bear in Dallas Bears 18 hours ago
I'm North of the Metroplex for at least another year or so. If you guys want to discuss a meet-up I'm in. Cheers.
Started by BruceSkiBear in Dallas Bears 18 hours ago
Wanted to start a discussion on starting/maintaining a homestead.  I've got a 1/2 acre and am starting a 20x20 garden this spring.  I'm also getting  a few chickens as soon as they are available at...
Started by AllThingsBear in Wichita Bears 20 hours ago
Fellow Midsouth bears, after you join the group, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you.  I'll start.
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 21 hours ago
Hey everybody, my names Luke here in Canyon Lake. Hope we're all enjoying another blessed day!
Started by Luke Malden in Central Texas Bears 1 day ago
Hi there, great to see more Scandinavibears here. I'm from Norway, where are you from?And how did you come across BB?
Started by Dahlbear in Bears in Scandinavia 1 day ago
Lets grow these numbers
Started by LIAM in Los Angeles Bears 2 days ago
Greetings and a warm welcome to all the Bears of the British Isles. I live in a lovely little village called Bonnybridge in Scotland with my wife and 3  children (16,18 and 21) which thankfully is ...
Started by Sammy Shaw in Bears of Britain 3 days ago
If anyone in the KY/IN/OH area needs help i think we should work together in whatever capacity we can for bears affected by the nonsense. Dm me on IG jschan03_kybear. If you need help or If you thi...
I know a couple around here, I'll direct them to this site!
The bean counters over at YouTube terminated a few more of Owen's channels, just a heads up
Started by DonnieV in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 3 days ago
Where is your bear cave located? 
Hello Bears, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone could help me help myself. I hope no one cares if I get a little personal for a second, I'm sure some would tell me not to share so much informa...
Started by Robert Jackson in Carolinas Crushing 3 days ago
    Hi Bears,     I want to greet each and everyone of you with the highest salutations of God's grace and peace.  I humbly offer what modest help I could be to Bears near and far.  As most of you ...
Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 3 days ago
Mine are and yours can be too. There are no more excuses and plenty of motivation to start growing your own food now.Potatoes, onions, and garlic will grow in pretty much anything that holds at lea...
Started by Laconic Bear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 3 days ago
My first grand child was Born today. And because the Grabblers want to rob the world for every last time so they can make more Porno’s. We Get to miss this moment that we can Never get Back. No F...
Started by Oil Bear in Oilbear 4 days ago
I’m getting back into Rainbow Six: Siege on PC. But i have a ton of other games if anyone is interested.Message me for my user info and we can find something to play!
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Gaming Bears 4 days ago
Hi Michigan Bears!I’m from mid Michigan, if anyone is in need of seeds let me know, I bought way more than I will plant this year.
Started by Poquito Bear in Great Lakes Bears 4 days ago
Started by Oil Bear in Oilbear 5 days ago
Do you like buffalo wings?  Have I got a recipe for you!A few tablespoons of cultured vegetables a day is sufficient, but as a woman in my class this week said, "how much would be to much to eat of...
Started by BEARYhappy in Crushing with Cultured Foods 5 days ago
Hi Sleuth!  Looking to meet fellow bears.  If any fellow Sleuthers are in the ND area let me know
Started by 2acreNDbear in North Dakota Bears 5 days ago