Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 43 minutes ago
I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the quantum financial system (QFS) and the moral aspect of it that is referred to as NESARA so I decided to do some digging.  NESARA stands for National Economi...
Started by NoMoreMoney Bear in Los Angeles Bears 17 hours ago
Greetings bears, hear ye hear ye! It's time to get together again for the next L.A. area meetup, projection would be for early March, and so this invite thread is to see what the interest level and...
Started by libertybear in Los Angeles Bears 18 hours ago
Does anyone have any chicken eggs for sale?  I need food and I refuse to wear a mask.  Any bears out there in LA (I'm in Pasadena), please help. God bless.
Started by Literary Bear in Los Angeles Bears 18 hours ago
Hi Bears,NoMoreMoneyBear will be posting soon about our next get-together. Coming soonLiterary Bear
Started by Mark in Los Angeles Bears 1 day ago
I understand many want to flee the psycho state of Kali, but there are some who feel like making a stand here, called by our Lord to stay… at least for now. If you are considering staying and makin...
Started by South Side Bear in St. Louis Bears 1 day ago
Hello Bears, I am starting this discussion so we can share strategies on avoiding the mask.  It seems the beast system is tightening the screws on this lately.  My main strategy up until now has be...
Started by GammaDramaMamaBear in Los Angeles Bears 1 day ago
Hello L.A. Bears I am most likely going to be moving this month or next at the latest, and I do not have a final destination as of yet. After getting an estimate from the Pod storage company, it lo...
Started by Lugan Bear in Los Angeles Bears 2 days ago
Hey LA!! It's Lugan Bear from San Diego, buuut I grew up in Glendale so I hope I still have some LA cred.
Started by MolarBear in Central Texas Bears 3 days ago
How has everyone done the past week with the snow storm? Is everyone doing well? Anyone in need of help? 
Started by Mr.MustacheBear in Los Angeles Bears 4 days ago
Are there any bears that live in Southern California and are. Considering a move out of state? I'd like to discuss different places and see where people who want to leave the belly of the beast sho...
Started by Frybear in Santa Barbara Bears 4 days ago
Greetings fellow Bears, I just wanted to see if there's any active members here, as I'm moving back to the SB/Ventura area from Maine, and want to see who's around and get in touch with anyone who'...
Started by CoffeeRoastingBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 5 days ago
Hey Indiana bears.  I just took a job in Plainfield and am looking for a place to live.  I'd rather stay outside town in the country.  Probably rent a bit till I can find some property to move into...
Started by Bassplayerpapabear in Bears in Houston 5 days ago
Yo Bears! Texas bears! We are hosting our first southeast Texas bear meetup Saturday March 27th, 2021 at 3pm. We are in Magnolia, right off hw 249. DM me for details or email me at bassplayerpapabe...
Started by Pine Swamp Bear in bearfit - bears discuss fitnes, fasting, nutrition, exercise and physical performance 1 week ago
hello hello bears! Pine Swamp Bear here. I'm glad to be part of this group especially having been involved with health and fitness my whole life. I wanted to start this conversation to see how ever...
Started by Ni-bear-u in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 1 week ago
It's been three weeks since my family relocated to Kalispell. I feel like enough boxes have been unpacked. Need to get out and meet some Bears. Anyone up for a meet-up, if so time and place?
Started by EnjiBear in She Bears 1 week ago
Evening Bears,I'm hoping for some words of encouragement, advice, or at least some kind of relief through having somewhere to vent. I have been with my boyfriend for almost four years and have chan...
Started by Professor3Bear in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Hey Bears,I've been prepping for a garage sale, and i had the bright idea to offer things to the Bears! Check out pics/links below, and feel free to hit me up regarding any items, i can bring to th...
Started by Trish Casella in Reno/Tahoe Legends 1 week ago
Do I need a “Bear” name?  Do I just make one up?  How would I know if my name is avail?  My husband and I live in Gardnerville. 
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 1 week ago
UPDATE TO BOOK CLUB:WE ARE NOW MEETING ON SKYPE AT 6:30pm Central time on Tuesdays. We are currently on chapter 7 of THE QUEENS CODE  by  Allison Armstrong.  If you are interested please leave mess...
Started by Giorgio Bear in Phoenix Metro Area Bears 1 week ago
I just wanted to say hi. You can call me Giorgio Bear. What cities does every live in? I'm in mesa.
Started by Kelly Jones in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 1 week ago
I posted this on the BT app but just in case, wanted to share here as well!SAN DIEGO BEARS: this coming Sunday ReOpen San Diego is having a MASK FREE open market in Kearny Mesa with music, food ven...
Started by Keith F in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Anybody got the hookup on ungrabbled eggs in orange county?  Trading magic squares in exchange until I grow something better to offer.  Let me know! Thanks! 
Started by Marshall Stanghellini in Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears) 1 week ago
Hi my name is Marshall and I'm a 21 year old from Martinez, California. Me, as well as my identical twin brother, are looking to hopefully find a bear/bears that can teach me/us skills that include...
Started by AvocadoBear in Bearers of the Gospel 1 week ago
3 weeks ago Pastor Bruce Mejia's church "First Works Baptist Church" was firebombed with what the FBI called an "IED".  Just prior to this a group called “Keep El Monte Friendly” was organizing pro...
Started by Mr.MustacheBear in Los Angeles Bears 2 weeks ago
Hey guys I found a piece of land I'd like to spilt with 2 other families. Anyone interested?