Started by Nathalie in Phoenix Metro Area Bears 46 minutes ago
Hello AZ Bears! We are hosting a get together for AZ bears, or any other bears that happen to be traveling through on January 16 th Saturday at 1 pm.  We live in North SCottsdale, about 30 minutes ...
Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 1 hour ago
Oh my gosh the app is amazing! Full of positivity, logos, and love! Anyway, thought I'd start a thread here for us to link up there, too. I'm Lugan Bear on there as well. What's your BT app name? H...
Started by Pine Swamp Bear in New Jersey Bears 2 hours ago
Hello! I'm excited to connect and grow a strong bear community in the Garden State. If you find this group be sure to join and hopefully we can grow big enough for meet ups and more. 
Started by NoMoreMoney Bear in Los Angeles Bears 3 hours ago
Helloooo everybody happy new year to all!  So I have been searching around for a good spot to host our next get together and it hasn't been easy out here in grabbley grabbley LA LA land (btw feel f...
Started by Breaking Bear in Homebrew Bears 4 hours ago
Started by BassDrumBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 5 hours ago
All the apartments I try and move into have had poor luck. There are too many people applying for 1 apartment so there's a shortage of available units.My friend is buying some acreage and pitching ...
Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 9 hours ago
If you live around here you might know we have a ton of ground to cover.  The bears in the wild vastly out number the gravy filled Bears.  So if there's some of the rare bares in this neck of the w...
Started by Professor3Bear in Los Angeles Bears 18 hours ago
Hey Bears;Well, my roommate moved out, now i need to fill the spot or find a spot.Ultimately would like to get out of Babylon, but for now, it is what it is.Here's the CL ad i made.https://losangel...
Started by Goodnewsfarmingbear(Peter Kocanda) in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 1 day ago
My family and I live on a farm in Lake Village IN. and we want to build, inspire, grow, fellowship, hangout, sell or barter goods in the northwest Indiana area .
Started by BayOceanBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 day ago
Im looking for a supplier for raw milk on the weekly. I'm in Tillamook. 
Started by Thinker Bear in Bears of Idaho 1 day ago
In my brief expierance in Idaho, it seems like 80% of the places I've been to don't require masks. I think the next logical step would be to support businesses who do not require their employees to...
Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 1 day ago
Howdy Bears. I'm picking up a Jersey Heifer tomorrow and will be passing through Sandpoint. If anyone wants to get together for a meet and greet let me know! I have a homestead just up the road in ...
Started by BayOceanBear in Portland Bears 1 day ago
Could use the extra set of hand to help me redo the bathroom. I'm in the process of installing a shower in an old closet. Doing everything, plumbing, wiring, drywall, tiling.  I offer good company,...
Started by BayOceanBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 day ago
Could use the extra set of hand to help me redo the bathroom. I'm in the process of installing a shower in an old closet. Doing everything, plumbing, wiring, drywall, tiling.  I offer good company,...
Started by Coot51 in Colorado 2 days ago
I have yet to meet another bear face to face.  It will happen I know, but I'm isolated now. I will not make it through the winter alone,
Started by Sean ferguson.scarbear in Colorado 2 days ago
Just wanted to start a thread to express my interest in meeting up with other bears in the Colorado area.  I'm in Fort Collins,  but can travel.    My usual social crowd was local stand up, but tha...
Started by RebelFarmer in Bears of Idaho 2 days ago
Anyone down to compile a list of businesses that do not require masks in the Boise area? I don't typically care if people ask me to mask up (I wont), but these are places that flat out don't requir...
Started by GoldenBear in Nor/Cen Cali Bears 2 days ago
Hello, looking to see if there are any SC bears around!
Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Portland Bears 4 days ago
I know you’re close to the River, I sure hope you’re safe and your animals are out of danger. please let me know if you need any help.
Started by ClackamasRiverBear in ClackamasCountyBears 4 days ago
The Clackamas River is currently at 20.02 Feet with flood stage at 20 Feet. The Clackamas River is expected to rise to 22.72 feet through out the day. Our lives and possessions are safely well abov...
Started by BeneBear in West Virginia Bears 4 days ago
Hey bears.Just moved into Garrett Co. Maryland, basically WV, and looking to get connected with ppl up on this side of the state.My family and I are in Accident, MD.Whats up?
Started by AvocadoBear in Bearers of the Gospel 5 days ago
Hopefully Michael Anthony Ramos AKA Veritas Bear now finds himself in a better place. I wondered what was up when he stopped uploading to bitchute, and then days later, everyone heard the news.  I ...
Started by Kathryn in Maryland - Washington DC - Northern Virginia Meet Up Bears 5 days ago
Hey everyone! I realized I have not been active on here in awhile so I wanted to give an update. We actually have a strong sleuth going - we chat everyday and hangout/meetup regularly. We use a dif...
Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Portland Bears 5 days ago
Started by jujulequerre_bear in Bears of France 5 days ago
Just getting started here on Bearvibe today… Nice to find other Bears in France. Doing my best to get BeartariaFrance up and running as a proper little homestead in Normandy… Hope to hear from you ...