Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 1 day ago
BeachtariaSaturday May 8thOceanside Harbor Beach10am-ishB.Y.O. EverythingI'm aiming to set up our ez-up right in front of **Parking Lot 10** towards the water. I'll put up a pirate flag since I don...
Started by RyanPappas in Riverside County Bears 1 week ago
For any bears near or in Riverside County, CA, if you’re comfortable sharing locations then it’d be cool to try and get something going.
Started by MothBear in Ontario Bears 2 weeks ago
Started by John Croden in Pacific Northwest Bears 2 weeks ago
Hey Bears. I'm in Jasper Alberta. I heard that some bears are having a meetup this coming May Long Weekend in Creston BC. If anyone knows anything about it or of any others on BC please let me know...
Started by Linden Schneider in Alberta Bears 2 weeks ago
I am a long time listener and though I am not bearified ,I am a bike owner married Christian with 2 young kids we live in a small town south of Edmonton and we are seeking to meet up with some fell...
Started by Perceptual Recursion in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 3 weeks ago
Welcome, bears! LateApril... We're looking to gather in the most convenient location to everyone, with the features we're looking for: a place to explore, have a cookout, and let the kids play. So ...
Started by Adam Anderson in Central Oklahoma Bears 3 weeks ago
I am in Okc. Any bears out there in the area? 
Started by HankBear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 3 weeks ago
Hello all. Just seeing who's around the Detroit Metro area. I am in need of 10 good bears in 10 miles. I have myself and another bear at the moment. Looking to train, share labor, garden, grow, bui...
Started by BladesmithBear (Formerly HammarBear) in Bears who Write / Blog 3 weeks ago
Good evening, everyone. Just want to reach out a whole year after starting this thread and then forgetting about it…..I've been on Telegram mostly these days, but I'd love to collab with fellow wri...
Started by Max St. Jerome in Catholic Bears 3 weeks ago
Hi. I'm from Michigan. Where are you from?
Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 3 weeks ago
Who needs a break from crushing and wants to spend an afternoon soaking up some sun in the sand? This bear! So I want to know who's coming with me and when are we going? Let me know if you're inter...
Started by Morning Bear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 3 weeks ago
Hi all! My family is moving to Troy next month and we're looking for a sleuth. What y'all got going on?
Started by EnjiBear in She Bears 1 month ago
Evening Bears,I'm hoping for some words of encouragement, advice, or at least some kind of relief through having somewhere to vent. I have been with my boyfriend for almost four years and have chan...
Started by Pine Swamp Bear in bearfit - bears discuss fitnes, fasting, nutrition, exercise and physical performance 1 month ago
hello hello bears! Pine Swamp Bear here. I'm glad to be part of this group especially having been involved with health and fitness my whole life. I wanted to start this conversation to see how ever...
Started by J-Bear in Health Bears 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,I'm hearing about Turpentine and Castor Oil being a great combination for promoting good health. But I've also seen lots of comments and different information about how to take it (many...
Started by Valhallabear in Portland Bears 1 month ago
Hey bears,I know it’s a little last minute because not many of us are regularly on bearvibe - but there is a beartaria meet and greet this Saturday 4/10 from 2-5 at Evelyn M Schiller park in Beaver...
Started by Travis in Garden Gravy-A Place to Grow and Share 1 month ago
Anyone got any experience working with clay soil? I don't, but I'm about to this year. Water tends to puddle up easily in my backyard and then drain slowly, so I thought raised beds would be the be...
Started by Melancholy Bear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 1 month ago
We have finally arrived on our new homestead. I've started building my grow station. Now I wonder if any bears have excess seeds available. I can buy them or reimburse you for postage. And once I b...
Started by DachulBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 1 month ago
Hey everyone! I thought I'd share this with the bears :)I currently have my graphic novel being funded on indiegogo!200+ Pages for $20 (plus S&H)  Check it out here https://www.indiegogo.com/projec...
Started by GonzaBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 1 month ago
I'm working on my own comic series with the help of a Bear. He's written out a script for the first issue, and I'm working on character turn around sheets. But, there's something that I'm strugglin...
Started by GargoyleBear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 1 month ago
Hi, welcome to the group everyone who is new. Please feel free to post a little bit about yourself, feel free to stay anonymous. I’m hoping to create a community of like-minded people here in San D...
Started by 88bear in St. Louis Bears 1 month ago
Looking for a caregiver for my elderly Mother. M - F, 12 - 4p. Naturopathic healer preference.
Started by Frybear in Santa Barbara Bears 1 month ago
Greetings fellow Bears, I just wanted to see if there's any active members here, as I'm moving back to the SB/Ventura area from Maine, and want to see who's around and get in touch with anyone who'...
Started by James in NortherCaliBears 1 month ago
How about we all introduce ourselves and tell our as close as we're comfortable telling where we're at.I'll start.James aka Ups_man_bearGrass Valley
Started by RegenBear in Urban Homestead 1 month ago
I have some of these birds in SB, Ca, ~ 22. Recently ate two roosters that got tired of being discrete. I think they stayed quiet for abouts a whole year because all their brothers disappeared. 3 G...