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Hi NW ohio bears! Would love to get to know you!My family and I would like to get to know some real life bears and navigate this crazy world together. 
Gestartet von DazieBear in Black Swamp Bears vor 10 Minuten
Greetings and a warm welcome to all the Bears of the British Isles. I live in a lovely little village called Bonnybridge in Scotland with my wife and 3  children (16,18 and 21) which thankfully is ...
Gestartet von Sammy Shaw in Bears of Britain vor 4 Stunden
Tell the sleuth how many miles from the ohio river you call home.I live about 55 miles from it. I like that line from Apocalypse Now. 
Gestartet von BuckeyeBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth vor 7 Stunden
Hello Bears, I am setting up a meetup for the end of the month that is looking to be a fairly large one. The location is800 Waterloo Rd, Warrenton, VA 20186 and Bears from all over are planning...
I think for those of us who are interested, we should start planning a place and time to meet up! We likely will need to do a couple locations depending on who wants to come. For example, one somew...
Anyone down to compile a list of businesses that do not require masks in the Boise area? I don't typically care if people ask me to mask up (I wont), but these are places that flat out don't requir...
Gestartet von RebelFarmer in Bears of Idaho vor 18 Stunden
Thought I’d check again since there seems to be more bears here now! I may not be able to meet anyone right now but I’d love to know you’re out there.
Gestartet von Hausfraubear in Pacific Northwest Bears vor 18 Stunden
Would ya'll s like to start planning some sort of meet up? Maybe a pub or a bit of fishing at one of our great Finger Lakes? I personally love cooking outdoors and we could do a meal over a campfir...
Gestartet von 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae vor 18 Stunden
Hello, She Bears! I have thought long and hard about what I could contribute to the Bear community, and it’s very clear to me that I can share what I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy to lea...
Gestartet von BusyBeeBear in She Bears vor 21 Stunden
We crush! Who’s out there?
Gestartet von Matt Dahlman (Valleybear) in Utah Bears vor 1 Tag
Just kidding. But in a way it’s true! First I want to apologize for not interacting/ responding to posts. I haven’t had the heart to.I’m so far behind on streams, because everyone’s happiness was c...
Gestartet von Hausfraubear in She Bears vor 1 Tag
I found hops growing in my backyard. not sure how they get there and i dont know how to harvest and share. but if any bear are interested or can tell me how to harvest roots to share i would be wil...
Gestartet von DragonBear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange vor 1 Tag
Y'all are pretty far away from Grass Valley but maybe we can start the bear trail here in CA and connect our cities before we connect to other states?
Gestartet von James in 661/central cali bears vor 1 Tag
Hey Bears!! Mark your calendars for Saturday November 7th around noon for a Thanksgiving style potluck at our place in Lakeside, CA. I'll be asking for RSVPs soon, but feel free to send me an email...
Gestartet von Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears vor 1 Tag
 What up Bears!
Gestartet von Homestead Bear in Carolinas Crushing vor 1 Tag
hi, i am new on social media so still learning these sites.I enjoyed Mum of Owen book reviews.
Gestartet von Lee in She Bears vor 2 Tagen
Hello fellow PNW bears!I am hosting a bear BBQ and would love to meet fellow bears before I sell my home.September 12, 2020 Springfield, ORI have a pool and trampoline for the kids. It will be awes...
Gestartet von Copperbear in Pacific Northwest Bears vor 2 Tagen
Just thought id start throwing things up. I'm also starting a hashtag on SG #seedsharing just because its more active there.I have a Birds Eye Thai Chili PlantPequin Chili Plant that are always thr...
Gestartet von HWbear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange vor 2 Tagen
This is a combined recipe of a few I know of; plus a few extra touches. Ingredients:Steak of choice, buttermilk, Jack Daniels, Montreal steak spice, butter, garlic, mushrooms 1. Marinate steak of c...
Hi,I'm in the Bangor area. We have 11 acres (owned by the bank for another 25 years or so), cut firewood to heat our home and grow a modest garden. Keep crushing.Woodstove bear(aka Tedd)
Gestartet von Tedd C Walther in Maine Bears vor 3 Tagen
Any bears that golf? With being laid off and the weather finally starting to warm up, I've been trying to get out and play. Got one round in so far.I'm around scratch, shot -1 my first round (short...
Gestartet von Bearicua in Upstate Ursae vor 3 Tagen
PURE GRAVY! please have a listen when you can, it connected so many dots for me and was recommended by a fellow bear.."Dr. Jerry Tennant describes his groundbreaking research into the complex elect...
Gestartet von SheBear in Health Bears vor 4 Tagen
As autumn draws closer, I figured it would be a good idea to set up some sort of seed exchange so people would have seeds for the next growing season. Hopefully this would be set up so that those w...
Gestartet von OKBear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears vor 4 Tagen
Abby Bear here! Western Maf:305
Gestartet von Abby Carver in Massachusetts bears vor 4 Tagen
I have skills to offer all Bears that happen to come through Manchester, Michigan. I have been taking classes in Commando Krav Maga, which is Gun and Knife disarming. I am a Level 3 Student and hav...
Gestartet von Lady Pitbullbear in Bear Trail vor 4 Tagen