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I am in a "no rooster" neighborhood in Meridian. This year my children and I hatched eggs in an incubator.  of the 5 eggs that hatched, 2 turned out to be roosters.  They are now 16 weeks old.  One...
Started by YellowBlueBear in Bears of Idaho 31 minutes ago
Greetings! Was wondering what the mask situation is like in Ohio? My hubby might take up employment in the Canton area and we aren't familiar with the culture there. We are currently in rural north...
Started by LambieBear in Upper Midwest Bears 43 minutes ago
MamaDawnBear here! Would enjoy to socialize with some bears. I'm a wife and mother to two cubs.
Started by MamaDawnBear in Central Florida Bears 2 hours ago
@chad-cooper I've been setting my sights on WV, looking to move there from NY. I have some obstacles at the moment but am working towards getting there asap. Where in WV are you? 
"DevGame is the premier game development blog, featuring original contributions and historical articles and essays from several veteran game developers and game designers." https://devgamecourse.b...
Started by UrsaDelta in Gaming Bears 3 hours ago
Any bears in Boise who want to meet up?
Started by Knotty-Bear in Bears of Idaho 4 hours ago
Anyone down to compile a list of businesses that do not require masks in the Boise area? I don't typically care if people ask me to mask up (I wont), but these are places that flat out don't requir...
Started by RebelFarmer in Bears of Idaho 4 hours ago
Good day y'all! I'll be in the Boise area about a month.  I'd love to connect with local Bears.  Have y'all met in person yet; do you have a group going yet?  If not, let's all get organized and ge...
Started by BlondeGenius Bear in Boise Bears 4 hours ago
Have any of you read it? If so discuss. It can currently be found on the fidelity press ebook store, but it directs to a broken link (since EMJ was banned on Amazon):
Started by AvocadoBear in Biker Bears 6 hours ago
Stuck in MA with a family of 5. Kids in private catholic school. All extra money going toward education because public schooling is really terrifying. Live in a right to farm town. Building up my “...
Started by Michael Gannon in Massachusetts bears 8 hours ago
I'm in wiscasset any bears nearby? 
Started by Braxton in Maine Bears 8 hours ago
Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to homesteading and crushing in North Carolina! Work and work “family” helped me choose the location. I’m very excited!!!My “kid” sister flew to CA to help me sort ...
Started by Beverly in Carolinas Crushing 12 hours ago
Hello, She Bears! I have thought long and hard about what I could contribute to the Bear community, and it’s very clear to me that I can share what I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy to lea...
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 13 hours ago
I know you're out there. Give a shout out. I travel all over this beautiful province. (Although I tend to be somewhere in the kootenays most of the time) 
Started by Christobear in Pacific Northwest Bears 21 hours ago
Hey Bears!The Kickstarter for my graphic novel SEASONS has launched and would love the support of the bears. I didn't write it but I'm the one who drew all the pretty pictures. This is the second v...
Started by Anthony Gonzales-Clark in Los Angeles Bears 23 hours ago
I’m getting back into Rainbow Six: Siege on PC. But i have a ton of other games if anyone is interested.Message me for my user info and we can find something to play!
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Gaming Bears 1 day ago
Hey Vancouver Island Bears, I just started a page for us come check it out. 
Started by Dreadnaught Bear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 day ago
Hi everyone. I don’t know how this works but, Big Bear is right (per usual) and shit is hitting the fan. I’m not a social butterfly, but I just want to establish some contact. I live in CT around a...
Started by Danny in CT bears.... 1 day ago
I remember one Serbian monk, after the 90's wars and unending, political ruin of his country, told me that village-life and self-sufficiency were always the traditional remedies for the ongoing fai...
Started by Beehive Bear in Orthodox Bears 1 day ago
Any bears in Western Washington and down to hangout?
Started by John Musha in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 day ago
Started by BirdieBear in Bear humor 1 day ago
Just wondering if I’m the only one.
Started by OKBear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 1 day ago
Lets grow these numbers
Started by LIAM in Los Angeles Bears 1 day ago
Started by MothBear in Ontario Bears 1 day ago
We're growing a neat little Bear community in northern VA. We're planning another bonfire hangout at Tamburn Manor on Oct. 31 if y'all want to ungrabble the Halloween a bit with the Bears. We'll be...
Started by BinderBear in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 2 days ago