Started by NorthShoreBear in Twin Cities Bears?! 4 months ago
Hello! I am NorthShoreBear and I am trying to expand my small bear group. We would love to start meeting and networking with Bears in the Minnesota area. We currently do lot of hiking and mountain ...
Started by Andrew Norris in Twin Cities Bears?! 4 months ago
So I am kind of annoyed by this mask thing so I figured the best way around it was some kind of underground speakeasy thing. Not sure if anyone has looked into it much or has any ideas but I though...
Started by MikkBear in Upstate Ursae 4 months ago
Hey, I havent gotten a chance to meet up with anyone from the group, my extended biological family has declared the covaids too dangerous to do holidays this year. I was wondering if there was any ...
Started by Linden Schneider in Alberta Bears 4 months ago
I am a long time listener and though I am not bearified ,I am a bike owner married Christian with 2 young kids we live in a small town south of Edmonton and we are seeking to meet up with some fell...
Started by Camelot Bear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 4 months ago
Currently looking to start sprouting starts for  a late fall/winter Garden in Beartaria Texas. Any suggestions on caloric vegetables, beans Or greens I could grow? I was thinking of-Kale, Swiss Cha...
Started by Yosef in El Paso Bears 4 months ago
the fist "hello bears" link seems broken so anyone wanna have a Bear Christmas gathering somewhere?there would be lots of gravy to share im sure
Started by Cyber Bear in Carolinas Crushing 4 months ago
Come one, come all. Thing have been wild (but all is well). This even won't be taking place until at-least* January.Greetings fellow bears, Cyber Bear (Cybear) here. I'd like to throw a little sh...
Started by Bespeckledbear in Massachusetts bears 4 months ago
We have an instagram group going for Bristol/ South Shore .   email me at bespeckeledbear1@gmail.com for my instagram but I think I just friended most of you, if I could find you on insta. :) 
Started by Yosef in Pennsylvania Bears 4 months ago
Where we crush togetehr
Started by Dmitriy in Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears) 4 months ago
Looking for a licensed CDL driver with a clean record. 2 years experience required, job will require driver to spend 2 weeks OTR at minimum.Starting pay range between .50/mile and $.55/mile based o...
Started by BirdieBear in Bear humor 4 months ago
Started by Daniel in Dallas Bears 4 months ago
So i’m loving this idea of a local bear gun club. I am however tight on cash these days, and anyone who shoots knows that ammo and range fees add up quickly. Does anyone own 10 acres in the country...
Started by Splicerbear in Bear Trail 4 months ago
A banner states that there are 40 acres available for sale and WILL DIVIDE. This banner/ billboard is posted on the N.W. corner of, or within view of in that vicinity, of mile marker 140 heading ea...
Started by Patrick in Employ bears. 4 months ago
I am searching for non masked work in Denver.  I’m willing to travel as well! 
Started by ArthurFantastic in Central Florida Bears 4 months ago
Hey Bears! As I mentioned in another thread, we got a chat going on IG and hopefully a another, non-grabbled platform soon.I would love to communicate in real time and schedule a meet up before the...
Started by BinderBear in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 4 months ago
We're growing a neat little Bear community in northern VA. We're planning another bonfire hangout at Tamburn Manor on Oct. 31 if y'all want to ungrabble the Halloween a bit with the Bears. We'll be...
Started by TechtardedBear in Employ bears. 4 months ago
Hi,  I"m new to this group.  I'm looking at buying a house in Dixie, ID.  I will need to work for a few more years.  I have 20+ years experience, Class A CDL with all endorsements except school bus...
Started by troyfletcher in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 4 months ago
I know a couple around here, I'll direct them to this site!
Started by SamwisetheGreatBear in Bear Trail 4 months ago
Hey, bears. Anybody have to fly commercial airlines since the mask "mandates" have been in effect? Would be curious to know your experience avoiding the mask wearing. Thanks, y'all.    - SamwiseBear
Started by Isaac in wyoming 4 months ago
Hey bears. I'm in Cheyenne, Wy. May this sign post find you in good spirits. Looking to make connections and vet future localish amigos. 
Started by NoodleBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 4 months ago
Good day bears, my wife, daughter, and I currently reside in the suburbs of central California. We are surrounded by compliant family/community and are looking to live in a red state near like mind...
Started by Megan in Colorado 4 months ago
Hey Bears! I'm Megan, MadeByJimbob's wife. We are looking to get more connected to the Bear community in Denver. Has anyone planned any meet ups, or is there a different platform that you all use f...
Started by Copperbear in First we build, then we feast 4 months ago
Saturday, May 16th at 9am PST:A stream about canning equipment, tools, jars, lids, and other basic essentials to get ready for the upcoming harvests.Q&A included with the
Started by Garrett John Woeller in Pacific Northwest Bears 4 months ago
I am 21 year man currently living here in Bend, OR. I am originally from California but I have lived in Bend for over 8 years since 2012. Since discovering Owen and the Bears through Alex Jones sev...
Started by Caleb van Gelder in Music Bears 4 months ago
Hi all,I recently found out my school wants me back in the building teaching music with a mask (singing with a mask!?!?). I have decided to branch out online lessons to the bears. I have 15 years e...