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Hello fellow bearettes. So happy to be on here for a good community of bears. I am single and 36, still crushing for a woman. I left a relationship of 10 years. Good things though; I learned a lot ...
Started by Copperbear in She Bears 5 days ago
I'm hoping to move back west in next 2 years. Eyes on Alberta or SK (never been there though).Anyway, found this wonderful 1/2 slice in Alberta:
Started by Six Foot Nuthin Bear in Alberta Bears 5 days ago
I am looking for cuttings or seeds for a California Bay Laurel (umbellularia californica)  and Moringa (Moringa oleifera)Thanks,  I have some angelica acutiloba and angelica archangelica, which are...
Started by Fubear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 5 days ago
Anybody interested in another Bear Meet-up?  Liberty Bear, want to set a date?Elaine
Started by Elaine Ash in Los Angeles Bears 5 days ago
Whatsup fellow free thinkers!Just boarded the busuarus bus from Dublin to SligoThe bus driver let me on with no mask not a bother, punching my ticket in the process.About 10 minutes later he did hi...
Started by KenBear in Irish Bears 5 days ago
Does anyone have a place where we could meet and light a campfire?  Or have any suggestions? I live in an apartment  in the Dublin suburbs and have a 3 month old baby.  Even if it was just in a par...
Started by Buzz Wrecker Bear in Irish Bears 5 days ago
Just wondering if I’m the only one.
Started by OKBear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 5 days ago
Any Bears looking to meet up in western pa?
Started by Karl in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 5 days ago
When I worked in a family medicine office (northern Virginia) back in the mid 2000's (as a Med Tech), the doctors would receive a $40,000 bonus from the drug companies/CDC if they had a 63% com...
Started by Tiredofthebs bear in Deutschbears 6 days ago
@chad-cooper I've been setting my sights on WV, looking to move there from NY. I have some obstacles at the moment but am working towards getting there asap. Where in WV are you? 
Hey STL bears!Wanted to start a 'topic specific thread' for grocery stores in the STL area that DO NOT enforce the face mask coverings.   If you have a secret spot in the area that doesn't require ...
Started by TalusBear in St. Louis Bears 6 days ago
Bears,New work policy: flu shot or termination. I plan to fight this by discussing with my manager and coworkers, submitting a conditional acceptance contract, and/or leveraging state court precede...
Started by StLouisBear in St. Louis Bears 6 days ago
Where is your bear cave located? 
I'm a first year electrician and wanted to find out if any other electricians are having a hard time finding work. I haven't had work for almost a month and i wanted to know if any one else is havi...
Started by Marcello. J Giron in Utah Bears 6 days ago
Hey St. Louis Bears! Just joined the Bearvibe and wanted to say hello. Not fully sure how this thing is used yet, but just checking in and seeing if there is any activity here. I love what Owen is ...
Started by JomegaBear in St. Louis Bears 6 days ago
Hey there Bears. Me and a friend of mine are intending to move from The Rio Grande Valley all the way to Great Falls, Montana come this spring. Our groups end goal is to eventually have land for a ...
Started by Josiah Castellanos in Central Texas Bears 1 week ago
Look at what the Grabblers tried to stealthily push on the County. local "media" has been subverting the surrounding...
Started by Bear Mooose in St. Louis Bears 1 week ago
I might actually be buying a small plot of land this week in Jefferson County..  I had been casually looking around most of the summer, but I was told about a cool resource for finding vacant land ...
Started by Bear Mooose in St. Louis Bears 1 week ago
looking for recommendations on a new AR and optics. a lot of stores around here have sold out so i have been looking on line for guns that are still available. hoping for the gun and optics to be a...
Started by DragonBear in 2A & the like 1 week ago
Started by UrsaDelta in Music Bears 1 week ago
Hey, everyone!I have been working on a tabletop party game for the past six months, and I have finally launched the Kickstarter for it!If you would be interested in checking it out, I'd be incredib...
What is our-story and who wants to censor, erase and re-write it to fit HIS-tory? Control the past, control the future. What kind of future is built on lies?
Started by Honkler Bear in Bearers of the Gospel 1 week ago
Hi East Idaho Bears!Since we're so rare and hard to come by in these parts (East Idaho) I figured we could get to know each other better. If you feel comfortable, please introduce yourselves here a...
Started by PotatoBear in East Idaho Bears 1 week ago
My wife and I are on our way to moving to the area! Just working on the logistics of how to make it work right now. 
Started by HappyWolf Bear in East Idaho Bears 1 week ago