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Anyone interested in sharing their other social media profiles with the intent of inspiring and supporting each other? I've got one Bear friend currently, but this weekend we are gathering with abo...
Started by Danielle in She Bears 2 days ago
My family and I live on a farm in Lake Village IN. and we want to build, inspire, grow, fellowship, hangout, sell or barter goods in the northwest Indiana area .
If you'd like to do something like that, mention that here. And maybe how you'd go about itI would suppose recording time of sunrise/sunset at a given latitude and longitude would be one way to go....
Started by UrsaDelta in Skywatching Bears 3 days ago
Good day, I am inquiring to see if any bears make and/or sell JEWelry. A necklace with our daughters birthstone (ruby) is what i was thinking but I am open to other ideas. I’d prefer to keep my cur...
Hi All,I'm fairly new to homesteading, which is probably obvious because I'm asking this question...How do you keep your animals alive in cold weather? When is your growing season? Is it worthwhile...
Started by Mark V in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 3 days ago
Hey Bears!The Kickstarter for my graphic novel SEASONS has launched and would love the support of the bears. I didn't write it but I'm the one who drew all the pretty pictures. This is the second v...
Started by Anthony Gonzales-Clark in Los Angeles Bears 3 days ago
I’m getting back into Rainbow Six: Siege on PC. But i have a ton of other games if anyone is interested.Message me for my user info and we can find something to play!
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Gaming Bears 3 days ago
Heyy yall!  Laura bear here!!!So upon further discussion. Some of us are planning on meeting up at Wolf river brisket co. On DEC. 5th in Mississippi!Address is : 6542 Goodman Rd, Olive Branch, MS 3...
Started by Laura Bear in Midsouth Bears 3 days ago
If you live around here you might know we have a ton of ground to cover.  The bears in the wild vastly out number the gravy filled Bears.  So if there's some of the rare bares in this neck of the w...
Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 4 days ago
Hey bears.Just moved into Garrett Co. Maryland, basically WV, and looking to get connected with ppl up on this side of the state.My family and I are in Accident, MD.Whats up?
Started by BeneBear in West Virginia Bears 4 days ago
Hello fellow Midsouth Bears!  I hope you are all crushing.  I hope to get your input on some things.  Shortly after forming the group, I received interest from some members in having a Midsouth Bea...
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 4 days ago
Saturday, May 16th at 9am PST:A stream about canning equipment, tools, jars, lids, and other basic essentials to get ready for the upcoming harvests.Q&A included with the
Started by Copperbear in First we build, then we feast 4 days ago
So I guess I'll start things off with my own blogs. First, my main site. I post under 2 different accounts there.  I use HammarBear as well as my real name. I post my Gardening work, Forging stuff,...
Started by HammarBear in Bears who Write / Blog 5 days ago
I’m so happy to see other bears in the surrounding area. I’m in Mariemont/Fairfax area, about 10 mins from downtown Cincinnati. I can’t make to the November 30 meet up but hopefully I can meet you ...
Started by JoyBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 5 days ago
Are there any bears that live in Southern California and are. Considering a move out of state? I'd like to discuss different places and see where people who want to leave the belly of the beast sho...
Started by Mr.MustacheBear in Los Angeles Bears 6 days ago
Hi,My wife and newborn son just moved to Ohio a little over two weeks ago and would love to host something soon to meet Bears. We are just outside of Cincinnati in Clermont County. If anyone would ...
I just moved my family from IN to western MD and looking for some nearby bears!
My wife and I are on our way to moving to the area! Just working on the logistics of how to make it work right now. 
Started by HappyWolf Bear in East Idaho Bears 1 week ago
Calling All Bears, I live in Wisconsin. I have a year and a half doing groundswork and apprentice work as an overhead electrical lineman. I did do some underground too. I've done rough carpentry fo...
Does anyone have any chicken eggs for sale?  I need food and I refuse to wear a mask.  Any bears out there in LA (I'm in Pasadena), please help. God bless.
Started by libertybear in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Howdy, Bears.Inviting everyone to a meetup on Friday in New Bern, NC. Come to my house around 5 PM and we'll have a great evening with visitors from the west coast. Message me for my address.Keep c...
Started by SamwisetheGreatBear in Carolinas Crushing 1 week ago
We live a little north of Orlando. Any bears near us?
Started by Melinda in Central Florida Bears 1 week ago
@chad-cooper I've been setting my sights on WV, looking to move there from NY. I have some obstacles at the moment but am working towards getting there asap. Where in WV are you? 
What's the latest gravy on water filters? Do y'all use bottled spring water or have your own filtration system? I mostly drink bottled spring water which I've heard is not the best because of micro...
Started by BavardeBear in Health Bears 1 week ago