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I wear several different hats. Any of the following you're looking for, hit me up. Proficient in Microsoft Office programs.- Writer- Copy Editor- Voice Work, Narration, Voice Acting- Geologist- Gri...
I tried to make this as the main profile group picture, it was too small to read my comment. Regardless, one of those numbers that keep popping up. f:157
Started by Watcher Bear in Bears in Houston 5 days ago
Hey All,  We've got a few people signed up for MB bears now although I think a couple are AB and maybe Ont?  Anyway ... I live near Altona.  Married (29 yrs) with 2 teenaged kids.  Have my own acre...
Started by Axe in Manitoba Bears 5 days ago
Hello BearsI didn't see a group for WI so I figured I'd start one.My name is Sean Cline, I live in Waukesha WI.  49yrs old and work as  dental lab tech making teeth (crowns and bridges). I also am ...
Started by Sean Cline Bear in Wisco Bears 6 days ago
Where is your bear cave located? 
Any Bears looking to meet up in western pa?
Started by Karl in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 6 days ago
I'm making a tabletop party game and am wanting to crowdfund it and get it made. Do any of you guys have any experience or connections with people who have manufactured and distributed tabletop gam...
Looking to do a meet up eventually.  Drop your area. 
Started by Robear in Georgia Bears 6 days ago
Hey there.  I'm relocating from Virginia and I'm looking for a short term rental in the Ozarks area. I'm also looking to buy land. If any bears can assist me with this, I would greatly appreciate i...
Started by uiga in Four States Bears 6 days ago
I say we have a BBQ or something soon!
Started by JapJapBear in Phoenix Metro Area Bears 6 days ago
Hi y’all! My sperg husband is currently behaving himself. I’ve decided to stay with him officially. It’s a major test of my faith but I’m going to do my best to under his triggers better and then a...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 6 days ago
Greetings from Norcal ( Martinez, Ca) to you guys. Just wanted to join this so that I could possibly connect with like minded individuals somewhat near me. I am 20 years old and have been awakened ...
Started by Ted Stanghellini in Nor/Cen Cali Bears 6 days ago
Geneva resident.  I say I'm from Geneva, IL and not a suburb of Chicago (although I still commute to the city)
Started by IBS_Bear in Western Suburbs of Chicago 6 days ago
Hello! My name is Deirdre I am a lone bear in Yonkers. You won't know me from the live stream chats because I don't take part, I listen while I work. My bear name is IKnowThatMyRedeemerLivethBear, ...
Hello fellow bearettes. So happy to be on here for a good community of bears. I am single and 36, still crushing for a woman. I left a relationship of 10 years. Good things though; I learned a lot ...
Started by Copperbear in She Bears 6 days ago
I've seen this idea done a few ways and have been wanting to try it out for a while. For my first attempt I attached the gutters to the back of a pig sty that is now storage until I need to get rid...
Greetings,I think it is a good idea for the bears of Portland OR to get together and talk about developing a local community.  We can arrange a place and time based around some place that might be ...
Started by Kainoah Amala in Portland Bears 1 week ago
Started by BicycleBear in Castle Ursa 1 week ago
Hi Bears!Starting next week, I won't have a place to live.  I've lost my job, fled LA because 5g was killing me.  I'm not close with my family, and all of them and my friends believe in the coronuu...
Hi SerbianOrthodoxBear,I'm not from the Balkanks but close enough - Slovakia :)How's it going over there?
Started by Slovak_Bear in Bears of the Balkans unite! 1 week ago
I'm hoping to get some people interested in an investigation. This may not be the place to get it started but nonetheless it's where I'm starting. I have a dilemma. On the one hand I have 2 family ...
Hello everyone, I'm 22 years old, standing at 23 rogans tall. I recently lost my job at a tubing place thanks to governor Gimp McWheels. I had been working there to get away from my Babylon magic s...
Started by Luke Malden in Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears) 1 week ago
I am sure there are other methods but this is how I start sweet potatoes. I will continue to post the process from start to finish. If you are new to growing sweet potatoes, I recommend starting on...
1.  Dig a whole 2-3 rogans deep and fill it with manure (left picture)2.  Cover the manure with all the dirt from the hole, creating a mound3.  Plant your seeds at the top of the mound (right pictu...
Mine are and yours can be too. There are no more excuses and plenty of motivation to start growing your own food now.Potatoes, onions, and garlic will grow in pretty much anything that holds at lea...