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try trading with bears
Started by Six Foot Nuthin Bear in Canada Guns 1 week ago
The wonderfully gracious @smartiibear has agreed to host a Lady bear meet up! Check out the calendar to rsvp. 
Hey guys, I'm travelling a bit, trying to solidify parts of the Bear Trail for the next few weeks while I wait for in-person classes to start (diesel school.)  I'm going from Nebraska to Georgi...
Started by Full Gretard Bear in Official Bear Trail 1 week ago
In Revelation 18:23 we read the following concerning Babylon: For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery. Babylon, in a general s...
Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 1 week ago
   Howdy mountain men and women.  Anyone interested in a get to this summer? My thoughts are a hike or a campground by a river or lake.  Fridays or Saturdays are best for me. If anyone else has an ...
Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 1 week ago
hey bears,wanted to share with you some tried and true methods to fixing your own abscessed tooth without going to the dentist and spending tons of money. i don't have insurance,  so homeopathic is...
Started by burning tongue bear in home remedies 1 week ago
I have ants in my tomatoes! I was repotting them and discovered carpenter ants thriving. Dang it! Other than DE is there another way to keep those buggers off my plants?! Thanks all. 
I want to share with you some thoughts on what a Covid-19 vaccine might be used to accomplish in light of end time prophecy.  If we look at the way that things are now with a view toward what...
Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 1 week ago
Bears,My wife and I (and our 3 week year old son Jackson), are wanting to meet some nearish by Bears, and we are wanting to host a dinner party at our place. We also have board games and room packe...
My varied educational background, including a Masters in Science, has prepared me to do anything from building a janky birdhouse to watch in horror as my government decides to go ahead with erroneo...
Started by Terry Bacon in Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears) 1 week ago
Yesterday My cousin’s husband, a garbage truck driver, was hit by a car and is in the hospital with broken ribs, bones, swelling of the brain, and has been put in an induced coma. news article can ...
Started by DragonBear in Upstate Ursae 2 weeks ago
Getting close to done on this one.  I'm going to celebrate on my stream.  Trying for Saturday, but it may not be possible.  Either way, I'm getting excited as it's starting to look like I want it t...
Hello Bears! I've been listening to Owen for a few years now and I finally want to be part of the Bear community! Any bears living in Arkansas?  I live around Pulaski County. 
Started by LittleRockBear in Midsouth Bears 2 weeks ago
Hello  Bears of the Isles,I'm planning to stay with friends in Belfast in a few weeks. How are things in the UK/Ireland right now? Do you have any specific recommendations or tips related to flying...
Started by Conor Magerr in Bearexit - Bristol 2 weeks ago
Hi all, i wrote and sang over one of Owen's awesome piano originals.
Started by SolBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 2 weeks ago
I've been subscribed to for a while now and I never really bothered looking into social galactic, until that Vox Day stream a few days ago.. he mentioned a form for Patreon users th...
Started by Bianca in BearsofAustralia 2 weeks ago
How about we all introduce ourselves and tell our as close as we're comfortable telling where we're at.I'll start.James aka Ups_man_bearGrass Valley
Started by James in NortherCaliBears 2 weeks ago
Stuck in MA with a family of 5. Kids in private catholic school. All extra money going toward education because public schooling is really terrifying. Live in a right to farm town. Building up my “...
Started by Michael Gannon in Massachusetts bears 2 weeks ago
I checked it out it's pretty cool, a bit choppy on my old machine but it workshttps://cs-online.clubmy playertag is ursadelta
Started by UrsaDelta in Gaming Bears 2 weeks ago
Hi Everyone.  I'm inviting you all to celebrate with me.  I'm signing the painting that I have been working on for the last 2 months.  It's beautiful and I'm filled with joy and gratitude over the ...
So i’m loving this idea of a local bear gun club. I am however tight on cash these days, and anyone who shoots knows that ammo and range fees add up quickly. Does anyone own 10 acres in the country...
Started by Daniel in Dallas Bears 2 weeks ago
Hey everybody.  I found this fully working farm for sale in south Arlington area.  Over 3 acres and already seeded and thriving.  I wish I had the cash to buy it, but figured I'd let y'all know abo...
Started by BlondeGenius Bear in Dallas Bears 2 weeks ago
The No Coronu BBQ was a blast! Thanks to all our new Bear friends for coming!
Started by TXMudBear in Central Texas Bears 2 weeks ago
I will be posting how-tos in the Garden Gravy-A Place to Grow and Share group on preserving your seeds for future planting or sharing with bears. It looks like radishes will be the first ones. Due ...
Started by Laconic Bear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 3 weeks ago
Hi Bears,  I am an author who has been attacked by radical blm on amazon.  Is there anyone who could report the bad reviews please?