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Hey, everyone! I'm a graphic designer, and I made this:Just wanted to share with those who would appreciate it!Thanks,-Improv Bear
Started by ImprovBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 3 weeks ago
any bears in the cannabis industry?  i want to get into that immediatly if not sooner
Started by craig in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago
any bears in the cannabis industry?  i want to get into that immediatly if not sooner
Started by craig in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago
Post below what you envision Castle Ursa to be or be about. 
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Castle Ursa 3 weeks ago
For anyone interested, I just completed and recently posted an EDM album. It's called Capital Vices and you can find it under my name, Zigmas, on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, etc. If you liste...
Started by Lithuanian Bear in Music Bears 3 weeks ago
any bears in the cannabis industry?  i want to get into that immediatly if not sooner
Started by craig in San Diego Bears 3 weeks ago
Just found out about bearvibe!Been a fan of Owen for a year or two, read Vox day, AGP, dalrock, etc.In regards to music, I used to run a home studio full time.  Played piano first, then guitar, bas...
Started by Bear-zerker in Music Bears 3 weeks ago
I am in midland,  just chilling in a temporary situation, after getting layed off from oilfield job. kinda waiting out the virus bs for a couple of months.   looking at a little property up by brec...
Started by Fubear in Abilene TX bears 3 weeks ago
Wanted to start a discussion on starting/maintaining a homestead.  I've got a 1/2 acre and am starting a 20x20 garden this spring.  I'm also getting  a few chickens as soon as they are available at...
Started by AllThingsBear in Wichita Bears 3 weeks ago
hope everyone is doing well : ) things are fairly quiet, i pray everyone has the support they need at this time. God Bless
Started by muddymay in BearsofAustralia 3 weeks ago
Started by Nikita in Russian Bears - Русские 3 weeks ago
Hello! I am NorthShoreBear and I am trying to expand my small bear group. We would love to start meeting and networking with Bears in the Minnesota area. We currently do lot of hiking and mountain ...
Started by NorthShoreBear in Twin Cities Bears?! 3 weeks ago
Hello Idaho Bears! A small group of bears where I am from (Minnesota) would love to go on a summer voyage through Idaho to do some camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Any Idaho bears interested i...
Started by NorthShoreBear in Bears of Idaho 3 weeks ago
Hi there, great to see more Scandinavibears here. I'm from Norway, where are you from?And how did you come across BB?
Started by Dahlbear in Bears in Scandinavia 3 weeks ago
there is an east tennesse group are any of you in that group also. Im actually in western NY but looking to move to east TN which is why i joined.
Started by DragonBear in Chattanooga Bears 3 weeks ago
Any bears in Western Washington and down to hangout?
Started by John Musha in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago
Hi everyone!I’m new to Dallas and my boyfriend bear and I are  looking for a new church. I used to go to Presbyterian churches but I feel they are a bit too liberal.  We went to a  Greek Orthodox C...
Started by Vanessa in Dallas Bears 3 weeks ago
This is a basic salve/ ointment that words very well to quicky heal open wounds.Ingredients:Dry Broad-leaf Plantain Leaf (Plantago major, a common "weed" found in lawns and driveways)Dry Calendula ...
Started by Christine in home remedies 3 weeks ago
Still not sure what I’m doingf:214
Started by Corey in Twin Cities Bears?! 4 weeks ago
how do you delete posts?
i hope everyone is doing well. i think there a few Adelaide bears here.? i have been asked by one of our members for a meetup. if anyone else is interested please message me, or add to the discussi...
Started by muddymay in BearsofAustralia 1 month ago
№ 759897-7 «О едином федеральном информационном регистре, содержащем сведения о населении Российской Федерации»
Started by Nikita in Russian Bears - Русские 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,I'm hearing about Turpentine and Castor Oil being a great combination for promoting good health. But I've also seen lots of comments and different information about how to take it (many...
Started by Jacob in Health Bears 1 month ago
Doing a after-party stream with some gravy, guitar and gardening over at my channelBearvibe / Discords:Gonna do a casual #Youtube / #Dlive stream NOW, topics will be:432hz #Guitar, Gardening, Comed...