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Hey Aussie bears. Hop on instagram. Add me dubcmusic and I will add you to a really big and active Aussie bears chat group! It's awesome. 
Started by SolBear in BearsofAustralia 2 weeks ago
Tell the sleuth how many miles from the ohio river you call home.I live about 55 miles from it. I like that line from Apocalypse Now. 
Started by BuckeyeBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 2 weeks ago
Hey all,Simply a report form the battlefield...2 months ago, I refused the installation of a smart meter. No problem. He was just an employee for a company though. He actually proceeded to tell me ...
Started by WatchingBear in Carolinas Crushing 2 weeks ago
I was having a hard time finding a place to move but then I remembered I could ask if any bears know of places or even would be up for a young couple as tenants.  
Started by Marcello. J Giron in Utah Bears 2 weeks ago
Have any of you read it? If so discuss. It can currently be found on the fidelity press ebook store, but it directs to a broken link (since EMJ was banned on Amazon):
Started by AvocadoBear in Biker Bears 2 weeks ago
Fellow Midsouth bears, after you join the group, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you.  I'll start.
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 3 weeks ago
If you're in the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene area, let's do a meetup. I'm in Post Falls. I'm a tradesmen, I'm interested in connecting with other tradesmen or just anyone into gravy and crushing.FramerBear
Started by FramerBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago
Hope to make it out to this beautiful place someday. Hear good things!
Started by UrsaDelta in North Dakota Bears 3 weeks ago
Hey ND Bears.  I'm in Manitoba ... right across the border near Niche.  Since there are not any MB Bears here yet, figured I would join the nearest BearDen.  I live on an acreage ... pretty indepen...
Started by Axe in North Dakota Bears 3 weeks ago
Hey all, I am a 30 yr old skilled bear in tree climbing primarily. I can operate equipment, and have some solid basic skills in other areas. Not looking for employment just would like to help someo...
Started by Shua bear in North Dakota Bears 3 weeks ago
Just wanted to say hello to the growing community! May the coming winter be gentle and kind blowing winds of blessing upon us all!
Started by Michael Scott in North Dakota Bears 3 weeks ago
Hi Sleuth!  Looking to meet fellow bears.  If any fellow Sleuthers are in the ND area let me know
Started by 2acreNDbear in North Dakota Bears 3 weeks ago
any bears in the cannabis industry?  i want to get into that immediatly if not sooner
Started by craig in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago
Hi all,I figured it would be a good idea if we all got to know each other. There's so much going on with the Great Bear Trail over the pond and I see no reason why we on this small island can't dev...
Started by OrthoKinisi in UK / England / Britain Bears 3 weeks ago
Greetings and a warm welcome to all the Bears of the British Isles. I live in a lovely little village called Bonnybridge in Scotland with my wife and 3  children (16,18 and 21) which thankfully is ...
Started by Sammy Shaw in Bears of Britain 3 weeks ago
Just wondering if I’m the only one.
Started by OKBear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 3 weeks ago
If you haven't yet, please send me your email address so I can send you directions to Bearsgiving! Turkey, gravy, and heaping sides of logos. See you Saturday!!!
Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears 3 weeks ago
I am in a "no rooster" neighborhood in Meridian. This year my children and I hatched eggs in an incubator.  of the 5 eggs that hatched, 2 turned out to be roosters.  They are now 16 weeks old.  One...
Started by YellowBlueBear in Bears of Idaho 3 weeks ago
Just thought id start throwing things up. I'm also starting a hashtag on SG #seedsharing just because its more active there.I have a Birds Eye Thai Chili PlantPequin Chili Plant that are always thr...
Started by HWbear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 3 weeks ago
Hej! Några björnar i Sverige?Jag bor i Stockholm och skulle jättegärna vilja träffas någon dag.Jag har lyssnat på Owen i snart 3 år. 
Started by Labros Liaropoulos in Bears in Scandinavia 3 weeks ago
anyone live near gainesville/ocala?
Started by james perez in Central Florida Bears 3 weeks ago
I'm not good at getting on the Bearvibe and posting but this is something that is so important to me!Thank you so much Smartiibear, Laconicbear an Philgoodbear for coming and seeing me!!  You all h...
Started by BedriddenBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 3 weeks ago
Hi NW ohio bears! Would love to get to know you!My family and I would like to get to know some real life bears and navigate this crazy world together. 
Started by DazieBear in Black Swamp Bears 3 weeks ago
Any bears in Boise who want to meet up?
Started by Knotty-Bear in Bears of Idaho 3 weeks ago
Hey Boise Bears,Coonhound Bear here, my family's business is hiring and we're looking for people who want to work. We are a murphy bed manufacturer in Meridian with around 22 employees.  We are a f...
Started by Coonhound Bear in Boise Bears 3 weeks ago