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Hi all, Quick message to say I'm excited to be here and look forward to discussing various topics with fellow bears.  Just paid my $ to be in on the ground floor with Beartaria or Ursa Mountain or ...
Started by American Kiwi Bear in New Zealand Bears 3 weeks ago
I created a Minecraft server for the bears since a few of us play.Here's some screenshots, made a spawn island for us to get started. It is a simple survival server, normal difficulty.https://imgur...
Started by White Lion Bear [Leo LeBlanc] in Gaming Bears 3 weeks ago
Hi Bears, I have a proposal. It's not for everyone. Who is interested in a homestead (HS) team up? The basic idea is like a housing cooperative. Where the apartment users group own the building and...
Started by MarsPlum in Four States Bears 3 weeks ago
Looking to develop a Baltic Bear Trail, I have a group on Facebook with this name, welcome to join! Let's also get things going on here. I have a seaside guesthouse in Latvia, open for business, in...
Hi howdy everyone!  I've come back home to TN after ten years in the Coast Guard and am looking to making some lasting connections and planting some roots. Currently living just West of Nashville i...
Started by Odyssey Bear in Middle Tennessee Bears 3 weeks ago
MamaDawnBear here! Would enjoy to socialize with some bears. I'm a wife and mother to two cubs.
Started by MamaDawnBear in Central Florida Bears 3 weeks ago
Hey LA!! It's Lugan Bear from San Diego, buuut I grew up in Glendale so I hope I still have some LA cred.
Started by Lugan Bear in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago
Hello everyone! My name is Aldo. I'm not on Dlive but I had a couple letters as "AldoBear".  My wife and I grew up here in Denver. I came to wake up to this crazy world a few years ago and i'm so g...
Started by Aldo De Jesus in Colorado 3 weeks ago
today i go to see the great memes, flat earth videos,  garden updates and golden ladle vids under the hashtag #unbearables on Instagram,  and no more recent post.  HIDDEN. they also just hid maga, ...
Started by burning tongue bear in Los Angeles Bears 4 weeks ago
Hi all,I recently found out my school wants me back in the building teaching music with a mask (singing with a mask!?!?). I have decided to branch out online lessons to the bears. I have 15 years e...
Started by Caleb van Gelder in Music Bears 4 weeks ago
Indeed, He is risen! Today is the celebration of the Lord's Pascha in the Orthodox Church. The catacombs have been reopened it seems. Please enjoy this beautiful playlist of hymns for the Feast of ...
Started by Conor Magerr in Bearers of the Gospel 4 weeks ago
Hi SerbianOrthodoxBear,I'm not from the Balkanks but close enough - Slovakia :)How's it going over there?
Started by Slovak_Bear in Bears of the Balkans unite! 4 weeks ago
don't worry, im just asking for a friend haha        ...please help it itches so much
Started by pillarbear in home remedies 4 weeks ago
5 we send our kids to school if they are requiring them to wear masks?Metropolitan Neop...
Started by Beehive Bear in Orthodox Bears 4 weeks ago
Modern medicine doesn't heal, it patches at best. There is not one drug that cures ANYTHING.A long time ago I was diagnosed ADHD. I understand there are many many rumors about this new-age ailment ...
Started by White Lion Bear [Leo LeBlanc] in home remedies 4 weeks ago
Hey bears, want to share another person's protocols that has helped me personally.  A few things about Candida:Candida is a type of parasite/bacteria that is in everyone's body.  It has essential f...
Started by FermentedBear in home remedies 4 weeks ago
After reading a bit about Salicylic curing cancer, I decided to by some 100% pure powder on amazon. I read that Salicylic acid removes moles. It does.I had a mole that was growing on my arm that I ...
Started by burning tongue bear in home remedies 4 weeks ago
How about we all introduce ourselves and tell our as close as we're comfortable telling where we're at.I'll start.James aka Ups_man_bearGrass Valley
Started by James in NortherCaliBears 1 month ago
I've put together a website that looks at the signs of the times and what believers can expect as we draw closer to the return of Jesus.  People only prepare for what they expect to encounter so th...
Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 1 month ago
Here we are bears, Atlantic Canada,1022bear here, reporting from Fredericton, NB.I'm looking for potential collaborators in homesteading, business, and crushing.  Next week I will be looking at a 1...
Abby Bear here! Western Maf:305
Started by Abby Carver in Massachusetts bears 1 month ago
It’s very encouraging to see how many of you are so close. FYI, I’m a carpenter so if I can be of use to anyone feel free to shoot me an email at Alex.m.dasilva0@gmail
Started by Alexandre da Silva in Massachusetts bears 1 month ago
Started by BirdieBear in Bear humor 1 month ago
Calling all fellow Rocky Mountain Colorado Bears near and far! We have a large and very active community (>35) located from South Denver up through Cheyenne (mid 20s-mid 40s). We use telegram for o...
Started by ZezzieBear in Colorado 1 month ago
My wife gave birth to our boy in the summer (yeah we multiplied), and she has been going to a baby/mommy group that is organized through the birthing center, but the vibe there is just ladled with ...
Started by ursaloci in Colorado 1 month ago