Started by StLouisBear in St. Louis Bears 2 months ago
How's everyone doing? -Nate
Started by Death Angel Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 2 months ago
This just came to me this morning.  I hope this can help in discussions with family members.What is a false god?  An invisible creature who will be angered if we dont appease it.  (Ex. If we dont s...
Started by Kainoah Amala in Crushing with Cultured Foods 2 months ago
My wife has made lots of sourdough. She has been feeding it organic brown rice flour, and we have too much to be able to use all of it. If anyone wants a sourdough starter culture, just hit me up a...
Started by Kathryn in Maryland - Washington DC - Northern Virginia Meet Up Bears 2 months ago
Hey everyone - I know its last minute, but a group of us MD bears are meeting tomorrow in Frederick at Fajita Grande! Come join us if you'd like to meet us and ladle some gravy. We are dining toget...
Started by Thinker Bear in Bears of Idaho 2 months ago
Hello! I am Karl and I am moving to the Nampa Area on Sunday December 27th and am starting a plumbing apprenticeship January 4th. I am a 23 year old man who is moving from PA. Thanks for CeeJay and...
Started by GargoyleBear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 2 months ago
Hi, welcome to the group everyone who is new. Please feel free to post a little bit about yourself, feel free to stay anonymous. I’m hoping to create a community of like-minded people here in San D...
Started by Devin Jump in Bearers of the Gospel 2 months ago
Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Portland Bears 2 months ago
A December Solstice Bonfire watch gathering. Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 9 minutes agoBegins : 21/12/2020 10:00Ends : 22/12/2020 02:00Location : Eagle Creek, OR 97022Ar...
Started by Travis in Midsouth Bears 2 months ago
Greetings, Just wondering if anyone in the group gardens or is planning to start? I ask because it might be helpful to share ideas, tips, and even seeds (or starters if we're close enough). We're a...
Started by ArthurFantastic in Atlantis Families Crushing 2 months ago
Just had our first Florida bear meet up! We went camping at Wekiva Falls RV Resort in Sorrento, Fl and it was awesome! There were 6 of us and 7th who came by and hung out. 10 if we count all the do...
Started by Danielle in She Bears 2 months ago
Anyone interested in sharing their other social media profiles with the intent of inspiring and supporting each other? I've got one Bear friend currently, but this weekend we are gathering with abo...
Started by Brigantesbear in Irish Bears 2 months ago
My name is Simon and my wife, three year old son and I are planning a huge move from Canada to Ireland to purchase some land and eventually build a strawbale house.  I have family in the England as...
Started by Adam Anderson in Central Oklahoma Bears 2 months ago
I am in Okc. Any bears out there in the area? 
Started by Live for Viv Bear in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 2 months ago
Hello MI Bears. I was inspired by Kentucky group bears who are sick of not meeting at church cause of corunu.  I can lead worship (need musicians) and have a semester shy of a religion degree; am H...
Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Bear Trail 2 months ago
Any high ranking bears out there, that can come check out this event and check me out, to help get on the map. It seems that by shooting out of the box straight to meetups, instead of long typing s...
Started by RedneckBear in East Tennessee Bears 2 months ago
I currently live in Gastonia North Carolina but I have spent a lot of times in the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. I would love to get involved with a group of bears around Wester...
Started by Anthony Gonzales-Clark in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 2 months ago
Sorry for the short notice. We are tired of not meeting together with our church and will be hosting our very first Bear Church Service. Please come and join us to wordship God during this special ...
Started by bearometer in Bear Trail 2 months ago
Clear a path, my dear fellows! Josh of House Bearometer approaches bearing good cheer, merriment and yea, a snippet of mirth. At 43 years, 22 rogans and 33% gravy per volume, I hail from Central IL...
Started by UrsaDelta in Quantum of Conscience 2 months ago
Matt at Quantum of Conscience analyzes the nature of reality in a humorous and entertaining way. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3tbHe2O7q0ryWamx696fA/Website: http://quantumofconscienc...
Started by Live for Viv Bear in Bear Trail 2 months ago
Hello Fellow Bears. I haven’t joined IG yet, but through chat during BB’s streams lots of bears have suggested Instagram to connect. I’d greatly appreciate suggestions on which Bears to follow.  I’...
Started by Luis acevedo in Sioux Falls SD Area 2 months ago
Hello fellow bears, My family currently lives in Ohio. Last night our governor has convinced us it is time to move.  A year ago we visited South Dakota and fell in love with the state and talked ab...
Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Utah Bears 2 months ago
Hello Utahans', @ClackamasRiverBear here, hailing from the all to liberal state of Oregon.I have a networking question for anyone with information or ties to Grip work in and around Park City for m...
Started by John Musha in Pacific Northwest Bears 2 months ago
Any bears in Western Washington and down to hangout?
Started by RyanPappas in Riverside County Bears 2 months ago
Just a reminder to check that out that app if y’all haven’t. Is incredible. If you guys want, go ahead and leave your BT profile name here and I’ll look up anyone who does. or you guys can look for...
Started by Bear-zerker in Homebrew Bears 2 months ago
Started a new group!  Make your own bevvies?  Post and share.I've been brewing ginger beer for a few years, and mead is my passion of learning.I'm happy to share ideas or tips.  I have limited time...