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This could very well be an incremental step on the path from vaccine to mark of the beast. Bear
Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 2 weeks ago
Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Sandusky, Ashtabula, Youngstown,  Steubenville, Dover, New Philadelphia, Mansfielf... Any Bears in this area?
Started by HeartlandBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 2 weeks ago
A banner states that there are 40 acres available for sale and WILL DIVIDE. This banner/ billboard is posted on the N.W. corner of, or within view of in that vicinity, of mile marker 140 heading ea...
Started by Splicerbear in Bear Trail 2 weeks ago
Good day, Bears! Introducing myself: I live near the Creve Coeur area with my wife, and we've been married for a little over a year. I hope you Bears have been doing well with the mask crazine...
Started by StLouisBear in St. Louis Bears 3 weeks ago
Long term homestead project. One word.Pigeons.See below for my findings.
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 3 weeks ago
Hello! I am NorthShoreBear and I am trying to expand my small bear group. We would love to start meeting and networking with Bears in the Minnesota area. We currently do lot of hiking and mountain ...
Started by NorthShoreBear in Twin Cities Bears?! 3 weeks ago
In the land of despair merchant channels and nonesense, why not create our own community? these invites run out after 24 hrs, but I think it would be cool for t...
Started by TallAryanBear in Bear humor 3 weeks ago
I've been subscribed to for a while now and I never really bothered looking into social galactic, until that Vox Day stream a few days ago.. he mentioned a form for Patreon users th...
Started by Bianca in BearsofAustralia 3 weeks ago
Hey Aussie bears. Hop on instagram. Add me dubcmusic and I will add you to a really big and active Aussie bears chat group! It's awesome. 
Started by SolBear in BearsofAustralia 3 weeks ago
Greetings from Ohio's sharpest corner!
Started by hoodilydaddlebear in Great Lakes Bears 3 weeks ago
Yo Central Texas Bears! HolisticMamaBear and I are hosting a pool party pot luck Bear-B-Que at our Houston apartment and we would love for you all to come!    The fun begins September 19th at high ...
Started by Bassplayerpapabear in Central Texas Bears 3 weeks ago
Hey fellow Israeli Bears,  Where are you from in Israel? Lets unite and  meet up!I'm from Oranit, looking to find more Israeli Bears and build our own Beartaria Bagelville branch Add me on IG @yoav...
Started by Yogi Bear in Israel Bears 3 weeks ago
Raised on the Southside and fully programmed. Eyes are opening, but it's a process. Living in DeKalb now. I fully expect to move our roots out of state. I may keep the house as a rental, but either...
Started by Nameless Bear in Chicago Bears 3 weeks ago
Yo, in this free time I've been messing around in photoshop. Here are the results. If you got some of your own stuff, throw it up here too.- Lithuanian Bear
For anyone interested, I just completed and recently posted an EDM album. It's called Capital Vices and you can find it under my name, Zigmas, on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, etc. If you liste...
Started by Lithuanian Bear in Music Bears 3 weeks ago
HI!!!Im in the middle of the groups so this is my 3rd one I have joined!!Im in Centralia, Illinois, so Im in the StL Bears and  Upper Midwest Bears!!Its quite funny how Illinois Chicago is the only...
Started by BedriddenBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 3 weeks ago
Calling all Bears! I am in California in the belly of the beast of Los Angeles, and I have been getting less and less work from my boss that only a month ago told me that I was most likely going to...
Started by GammaDramaMamaBear in Bear Trail 3 weeks ago
I currently live in Gastonia North Carolina but I have spent a lot of times in the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. I would love to get involved with a group of bears around Wester...
Started by RedneckBear in East Tennessee Bears 3 weeks ago
FieldsRemote/online odd jobsRemote customer serviceGraphic designProofreading/editingSkillsI'm creative, hard working, motivated, and compassionate. I really enjoy helping people. I'm also very ana...
I am a long time listener and though I am not bearified ,I am a bike owner married Christian with 2 young kids we live in a small town south of Edmonton and we are seeking to meet up with some fell...
Started by Linden Schneider in Alberta Bears 3 weeks ago
I’m in NW Arkansas and am looking to buy things like eggs, honey, etc. Does anyone sell items like these or know a good local person?
Started by Casa-Nova in Four States Bears 3 weeks ago
The clown world is getting kind of old. We'd like to meet some Central Oregon Bears to meet up, share garden advice, work on projects and share gravy.
Started by Lava Bear in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago
Hey bears!    I haven't found another sobriety discussion for those who are vets at it or just getting started so if there is, please let me know! In the mean time, I think it'd be nice to share th...
Started by GwenBear in Sober Bears 3 weeks ago
Does anyone have any chicken eggs for sale?  I need food and I refuse to wear a mask.  Any bears out there in LA (I'm in Pasadena), please help. God bless.
Started by libertybear in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago
Ill be going to this, not sure if anyone is interested -  I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but I support the local bluegrass scene and sounds like it could be a good time- TonySaturday, Septemb...
Started by ToneLoki in Boise Bears 3 weeks ago