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Hey Bears! I'm Megan, MadeByJimbob's wife. We are looking to get more connected to the Bear community in Denver. Has anyone planned any meet ups, or is there a different platform that you all use f...
Started by Megan in Colorado 1 month ago
We need to meet up and it doesn’t have to be this big elaborate thing lol...any bears of any gender and any age and any relationship status living in Utah we will have a meetup  on Saturday October...
Started by Rose in Utah Bears 1 month ago
My name is SaoBear I am from Portland Oregon, I just moved to Denver a year ago. I am currently looking for farmable land to start my own section of Beartaria. I work in the city and am burnt out o...
Started by Jo in Colorado 1 month ago
Any bears in Western Washington and down to hangout?
Started by John Musha in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
Anyone wanna meet up in Helsinki / nearby area?
Started by OneTwoPunch in Bears of Finland 1 month ago
Listener since the bear phone days, my my have things changed. I have recently stopped porn, masturbation, day by day with alcohol and I just finished a 36 hour fast today 4/16/20. I'm so pumped to...
Started by Greatful Bear in Middle Tennessee Bears 1 month ago
Hi all, would love to meet up with some like minded bears from Melbourne. With Melbourne in the state that it's in I believe it to be necessary to form a community to get through this nonsense from...
Started by Self Bear in Melbourne/Victorian Bears 1 month ago
Good day y'all! I'll be in the Boise area about a month.  I'd love to connect with local Bears.  Have y'all met in person yet; do you have a group going yet?  If not, let's all get organized and ge...
Started by BlondeGenius Bear in Boise Bears 1 month ago
Hello PNW Bears! I'm new to the Bear community and looking to meet with other bears. There's a couple BBQ pits at Gasworks park in Seattle and I'd love to host before the cold months really set in,...
Started by Ryleigh Hartung in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
Good day bears, my wife, daughter, and I currently reside in the suburbs of central California. We are surrounded by compliant family/community and are looking to live in a red state near like mind...
Started by NoodleBear in Merced County Sleuth 1 month ago
Stuck in MA with a family of 5. Kids in private catholic school. All extra money going toward education because public schooling is really terrifying. Live in a right to farm town. Building up my “...
Started by Michael Gannon in Massachusetts bears 1 month ago
Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to homesteading and crushing in North Carolina! Work and work “family” helped me choose the location. I’m very excited!!!My “kid” sister flew to CA to help me sort ...
Started by Beverly in Carolinas Crushing 1 month ago
hello everyone,I am currently putting the call out to all Bears living either in Germany or in Europe at large. I am an American but I am married to a German so I currently live in Regensburg, Baye...
Started by Joseph the CoS Bear in Bears of Germany 1 month ago
"DevGame is the premier game development blog, featuring original contributions and historical articles and essays from several veteran game developers and game designers." https://devgamecourse.b...
Started by UrsaDelta in Gaming Bears 1 month ago
I'm in wiscasset any bears nearby? 
Started by Braxton in Maine Bears 1 month ago
Hey Vancouver Island Bears, I just started a page for us come check it out. 
Started by Dreadnaught Bear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
I remember one Serbian monk, after the 90's wars and unending, political ruin of his country, told me that village-life and self-sufficiency were always the traditional remedies for the ongoing fai...
Started by Beehive Bear in Orthodox Bears 1 month ago
We're growing a neat little Bear community in northern VA. We're planning another bonfire hangout at Tamburn Manor on Oct. 31 if y'all want to ungrabble the Halloween a bit with the Bears. We'll be...
Started by BinderBear in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 1 month ago
Where is your bear cave located? 
Hey y'all!I'm recently in the area, I'd love to meet other Bears.  Do y'all have a group yet?  I'm wanting to have a meet up this weekend: 10th or 11th.  I have 3 non-bear friends who want to meet ...
Started by BlondeGenius Bear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
Hello fellow Utah Bears. My name is Stone Criddle. I have had this idea for a while and I would like to share it with you all.Last winter, I worked the Snowbird Oktoberfest, and it left a very bitt...
Started by Iggy Bear in Utah Bears 1 month ago
I'm thinking of developing my own comic series. Possibly for Webtoons. I'd appreciate it if anyone would like to talk and listen as I bounce some of my ideas off of them. Suggestions/critiques woul...
Started by GonzaBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 1 month ago
I found this in an issue of Up Magazine. Thought some bears might get a kick out of it :)f:291f:292
Started by BavardeBear in Bear humor 1 month ago
Hey Bears,Just wanted to know if you are aware of Hytale coming out next year - my hubby and I will def be playing that (if we get time as our cub will be about 1)It's going to be like Minecraft bu...
Started by SheBear in Gaming Bears 1 month ago
Is it just me or is that a spider catching flies on his web on the lense of a camera? Straight from the international space balloon! 1:10-3:52
Started by NotZieBear in Bear humor 1 month ago