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Hey guys. I was just trying to contact @philgoodbear I'm @banjobear by the way. Keep crushing yall
Started by Scott in Boise Bears 3 weeks ago
What's the latest gravy on water filters? Do y'all use bottled spring water or have your own filtration system? I mostly drink bottled spring water which I've heard is not the best because of micro...
Started by BavardeBear in Health Bears 3 weeks ago
I took a few months off of the interwebs and the whole country went nuts. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Patrick aka Armed Texan Bear. I’m partway between Austin and San Antonio. Looks...
Started by ArmedTexanBear in Central Texas Bears 3 weeks ago
Moved to LA two years ago, and am just trying to find me some bears! If we could have our own community garden or something to start out that would be awesome. Much love. 
Started by Formidable Bear in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago
I want to share with you some thoughts on what a Covid-19 vaccine might be used to accomplish in light of end time prophecy.  If we look at the way that things are now with a view toward what...
Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 3 weeks ago
Just putting it out there to any adventurous Canadian Bears that are looking for a change of scenery...My wife and I are off grid in the Kootenays building our Earthship and I met a Scottish boatbu...
Started by Kurt Brisske in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago
I can’t wait to meet all the hibernating Newfie Bears when they wake up!In the meantime... Sow and grow.
Started by Newfoundland Bear in Newfoundland 3 weeks ago
would like to meet up in Parkville if anyone is interested 
Started by BearRazor2470 in Upper Midwest Bears 3 weeks ago
Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, Tubing. Tenative Date: 8/23/20 (I will make an event when I have finalized the date)Any one welcome.
Started by Laconic Bear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 3 weeks ago
shout out to all the CT bears........ 
Started by thebearbarian in Connecticut Bears 4 weeks ago
Hello fellow Midsouth Bears!  I hope you are all crushing.  I hope to get your input on some things.  Shortly after forming the group, I received interest from some members in having a Midsouth Bea...
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 4 weeks ago
Any Long Islanders here ?
Started by 711lucas Bear in Polish Bears 4 weeks ago
Hej! Några björnar i Sverige?Jag bor i Stockholm och skulle jättegärna vilja träffas någon dag.Jag har lyssnat på Owen i snart 3 år. 
Started by Labros Liaropoulos in Bears in Scandinavia 4 weeks ago
Hello, I'm curious what you guys do to brain storm ideas for fictional stories? So far I'm working on a fictional ebook with a Christian viewpoint within it. I have bits of the story line written d...
Started by Pine Swamp Bear in Bears who Write / Blog 4 weeks ago
I found this in an issue of Up Magazine. Thought some bears might get a kick out of it :)f:291f:292
Started by BavardeBear in Bear humor 4 weeks ago
I'm thinking of developing my own comic series. Possibly for Webtoons. I'd appreciate it if anyone would like to talk and listen as I bounce some of my ideas off of them. Suggestions/critiques woul...
Started by GonzaBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 4 weeks ago
How are ya?
Started by MerchantBear in Colorado 4 weeks ago
Hey ladies! I'm strongly leaning toward homeschooling my oldest coming this fall (maybe my youngest too at some point).  He's going into high school and I'm wondering if anyone has any good high sc...
Started by DarkWingsBear in She Bears 4 weeks ago
How do, fellow kids?I recently transplanted myself just south of Lexington, to figure out some family stuff, and i will be here, until international travel opens back up. I'm working to prepare for...
Looking to do a meet up eventually.  Drop your area. 
Started by Robear in Georgia Bears 4 weeks ago
wondering how the pandemic reaction is where your guys are. how many people are wearing masks? how many churches stayed open?
Started by DragonBear in East Tennessee Bears 4 weeks ago
I do cartooning. Have a cartoon memory system. Wondering if anyone would like to help make a weekly comics page for free advertising magazines that carry self development content. Could be compiled...
Started by Brisket Bear in Bears who Write / Blog 4 weeks ago
Anyone have interest to collaborate?  I am a INFP type 4 with intermediate writing/drawing skills looking for help with research and final art for self-help minicomics based on a cartoon memory sys...
Hello Bears, I'd just like to say thanks to Binder Bear and his family for hosting yesterday's event. Truly a great man who gave us younger Bears a great vision of what the path to Beartaria looks ...
Hello i am super excited for being apart of a like mind ppl and I understand it takes time to trust and know others, but if your willing theres a lot my wife and i would like to offer to this commu...
Started by Westernrangerbear in Bear Trail 1 month ago