Started by UrsaDelta in Quantum of Conscience 4 months ago
Matt at Quantum of Conscience analyzes the nature of reality in a humorous and entertaining way. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3tbHe2O7q0ryWamx696fA/Website: http://quantumofconscienc...
Started by Live for Viv Bear in Bear Trail 4 months ago
Hello Fellow Bears. I haven’t joined IG yet, but through chat during BB’s streams lots of bears have suggested Instagram to connect. I’d greatly appreciate suggestions on which Bears to follow.  I’...
Started by Luis acevedo in Sioux Falls SD Area 4 months ago
Hello fellow bears, My family currently lives in Ohio. Last night our governor has convinced us it is time to move.  A year ago we visited South Dakota and fell in love with the state and talked ab...
Started by John Musha in Pacific Northwest Bears 4 months ago
Any bears in Western Washington and down to hangout?
Started by RyanPappas in Riverside County Bears 4 months ago
Just a reminder to check that out that app if y’all haven’t. Is incredible. If you guys want, go ahead and leave your BT profile name here and I’ll look up anyone who does. or you guys can look for...
Started by Bear-zerker in Homebrew Bears 4 months ago
Started a new group!  Make your own bevvies?  Post and share.I've been brewing ginger beer for a few years, and mead is my passion of learning.I'm happy to share ideas or tips.  I have limited time...
Started by NikatorBear in Swiss Bears 4 months ago
Nothing comlicated, Nothing fancy. Just a network of people who help each other out here and there and having bonfires and Barbecues.The second wave of Coronu-Hoax is coming. I don't know about you...
Started by grahamcrackerbear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 4 months ago
Hello, I am in southern ohio near Cinci, if there are any more of us around here we should talk or meet up.God bless
Started by ArthurFantastic in Gulf Coast of Florida Bears 4 months ago
Just had our first Florida bear meet up! We went camping at Wekiva Falls RV Resort in Sorrento, Fl and it was awesome! There were 6 of us and 7th who came by and hung out. 10 if we count all the do...
Started by Kimberly in Dallas Bears 4 months ago
The first DFW Bear Gathering was a glorious and delicious success!!! To all who made it…Thank You!!! Our host was amazin!!! The guests were equally awesome!!! For our guests who couldn't attend thi...
Started by MontanaBear in North Idaho Bears 4 months ago
Howdy Bears. I'm picking up a Jersey Heifer tomorrow and will be passing through Sandpoint. If anyone wants to get together for a meet and greet let me know! I have a homestead just up the road in ...
Started by Seventh_Jim in Pacific Northwest Bears 4 months ago
Would like to do beers with bears night at some point, probably in March. I'm thinking Independence is fairly central, but still rustic and real. Also has a good coffee/beer spot that I'm a fan of....
Started by Hausfraubear in Phoenix Metro Area Bears 4 months ago
I’m in town indefinitely and free all week to hang out at the Biltmore fashion park in scottsdale. this is close to where I’m staying and I don’t currently have transportation but it would be fun t...
Started by 88bear in Bear Classifieds 4 months ago
I have 40 years in trades and half in low to high end remodels and building experience. Looking for a kitchen, bath or basement remodel. Pro tools and skills.
Started by Bear Mooose in St. Louis Bears 4 months ago
I might actually be buying a small plot of land this week in Jefferson County..  I had been casually looking around most of the summer, but I was told about a cool resource for finding vacant land ...
Started by James in Catch Wrestling : Grappler Bears 4 months ago
Hello! If you have any questions about Catch Wrestling ask away, I'm an Apprentice/ Journeyman in practice but an expert on the subject. Also feel free to discuss physical culture and natural lifting 
Started by Robear in Georgia Bears 5 months ago
Looking to do a meet up eventually.  Drop your area. 
Started by Angel Bear in Georgia Bears 5 months ago
Howdy!I'm not actually in Georgia yet. It has been my plan for two years to move there this summer -- and I'm praying that that will still be possible! Is it okay for me to join this group, even th...
Started by Christobear in Pacific Northwest Bears 5 months ago
I know you're out there. Give a shout out. I travel all over this beautiful province. (Although I tend to be somewhere in the kootenays most of the time) 
Started by MarsPlum in Midsouth Bears 5 months ago
Hi Bears, I have a proposal. It's not for everyone. Who is interested in a homestead (HS) team up? The basic idea is like a housing cooperative. Where the apartment users group own the building an...
Started by 2thirdshydrabear in Health Bears 5 months ago
Hi everyone,I am putting together a gut guide that shares some things I have found useful to managing my symptoms of GERD. I've dealt with many gut issues in my life from heartburn, constipation, b...
Started by Rose in Utah Bears 5 months ago
We need to meet up and it doesn’t have to be this big elaborate thing lol...any bears of any gender and any age and any relationship status living in Utah we will have a meetup  on Saturday October...
Started by ArthurFantastic in Central Florida Bears 5 months ago
Just had our first Florida bear meet up! We went camping and it was awesome!My lady bear is making a little vid and we all chat on IG (instagram) in a group chat.If anyone wants in on the next one,...
Started by CowboyBear in Health Bears 5 months ago
I’ve been intensely interested in herbalism recently and have been trying to find a valuable and knowledgable resource which isn’t all grabbled. I stumbled onto a website called Herbu.org and have ...
Started by Heavy Metal Bear in Wisco Bears 5 months ago
I created a discord channel for us to all chat on. Feel free to join. I'll post it up on Bear vibe as well. Hope to see you there! https://discord.gg/t8e2cRGm