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Hey guys, came across this law firm on Facebook who are offering free legal advice for anyone issued a fine for this unlawful mask requirement-
Started by Bianca in BearsofAustralia 1 month ago
Hey all, I am a 30 yr old skilled bear in tree climbing primarily. I can operate equipment, and have some solid basic skills in other areas. Not looking for employment just would like to help someo...
Started by Shua bear in North Dakota Bears 1 month ago
Hey Bears, does anyone know why I cannot see the Great Bear Trail Map? I am an unauthorized subscriber, donated to Beartaria, and I filled out the preliminary form. Would love and feedback or help,...
Started by HeavyBear in First Coast Bears 1 month ago
I would like to put together a meet up of every one in the are that is interested. Let know what you think
Started by Bigblu in Kansas city mo 1 month ago
wish i wouldnt have missed the river float... MUST'VE BEEN NICE... maybe next time 
Started by t-R-B in Central Texas Bears 1 month ago
hello hello bears! Pine Swamp Bear here. I'm glad to be part of this group especially having been involved with health and fitness my whole life. I wanted to start this conversation to see how ever...
I asked this on another discussion but thought i would get more exposure with a new discussion. My wife and I want to move to East Tennesse and start a home stead. We are looking for suggestions of...
Started by DragonBear in East Tennessee Bears 1 month ago
Hey y'all. You're the closest bear unit to me, so I figured I'd say hi!I'm a little bit far away, so here's the group I started -!
Started by Bryan Edds in East Tennessee Bears 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,Can you make room on your calendars for a meetup on Sunday, August 9th?  We can make it in the afternoon and depending on whether or not restaurants will be able to open with seating, t...
Started by IncognitoBear in Los Angeles Bears 1 month ago
So I am kind of annoyed by this mask thing so I figured the best way around it was some kind of underground speakeasy thing. Not sure if anyone has looked into it much or has any ideas but I though...
Started by Andrew Norris in Twin Cities Bears?! 1 month ago
does anybody know/remember  where to find, which stream had,  BIG BEAR'S rant on the civil war??  PLEASE let me know if you do, thanks... i need that gravy , my biscuits be too dry
Started by t-R-B in Central Texas Bears 1 month ago
   Howdy mountain men and women.  Anyone interested in a get to this summer? My thoughts are a hike or a campground by a river or lake.  Fridays or Saturdays are best for me. If anyone else has an ...
Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 1 month ago
rjambi@gmail.comWe need to follow Owen's advice on this one. I'd really like to have 10 people within driving distance "bear" minimum. I'm in Gastonia, NC. Let's create our network.God BlessStatesb...
Started by RedneckBear in Carolinas Crushing 1 month ago
My name is SaoBear I am from Portland Oregon, I just moved to Denver a year ago. I am currently looking for farmable land to start my own section of Beartaria. I work in the city and am burnt out o...
Started by Jo in Colorado 1 month ago
Hey Ladies, Would love everyone's input.  :)I am currently planning on getting away for a week or so.  I need a break from some craziness and a week to be on my own and refresh a bit. I was thinkin...
Started by Miss.Coastalbear in She Bears 1 month ago
Hey, everyone!I had originally planned to have a Peace Arch Park bear meet-up on August 8th. Unfortunately, the Canadian side of Peace Arch is closed, so I'm not positive as to what we should do. I...
Started by ImprovBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
I am used to listening to BB on podcast (audio) format in the car. I download ahead of time to save data. Does anyone know where you can download streams for offline listening? The spotify, podbean...
Hi all, would love to meet up with some like minded bears from Melbourne. With Melbourne in the state that it's in I believe it to be necessary to form a community to get through this nonsense from...
Started by Self Bear in Melbourne/Victorian Bears 1 month ago
Howdy musical bears!I am so grateful for this community. Since finding the bears a year ago, I've undergone some serious changes in my lifestyle and decided to shred the ticket. Much of the music I...
Started by AuroraBEARealis in Music Bears 1 month ago
Hey there all you music making bears.  Anyone out there interested in taking my song lyrics and putting it to music.  I don't know if you would classify this as a cover song because it was written ...
Started by NoMoreMoney Bear in Music Bears 1 month ago
I'm in rural Clyde.  Looks like there are a handful of us here!! Had no idea
Started by Torah Meissner in Abilene TX bears 1 month ago
I made a tabletop party game! It's for 3-8 players, and is based on performing challenges and making up new rules! I have made it free as a Print & Play for now. If some of you would be willing to ...
Started by ImprovBear in Gaming Bears 1 month ago
Show off your latest build, project or creation. Show other Bears whats possible!Feel free to share some insight or knowledge that you learned through the build.
Hi,I just found out on Social Galactic that another bear had answered my post and I had no notification. Also, I've sent messages to other bears and heard nothing back, ever. I was wondering if you...
Started by Elaine Ash in Los Angeles Bears 1 month ago
Hi all, i wrote and sang over one of Owen's awesome piano originals.
Started by SolBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 1 month ago