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Hey folks,Nathan Thompson just posted on YouTube he's going to be in Austin for a flat earth meet-up this coming Saturday the 17th at 3pm. Shoot him an email at with your ...
Started by La Osita in Central Texas Bears 1 month ago
Bears,New work policy: flu shot or termination. I plan to fight this by discussing with my manager and coworkers, submitting a conditional acceptance contract, and/or leveraging state court precede...
Started by StLouisBear in St. Louis Bears 1 month ago
Just kidding. But in a way it’s true! First I want to apologize for not interacting/ responding to posts. I haven’t had the heart to.I’m so far behind on streams, because everyone’s happiness was c...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 1 month ago
Hey bears,Hanging out with @bassplayerpapabear and @Holisticmamabear (aka Shaun and Nakita) at the Houston bears get together last weekend just wasn't enough. We need some more bear love so we want...
Started by La Osita in Central Texas Bears 1 month ago
Hello! A friend of mine is experiencing some pretty strange stuff neurologically, which may be tied to vaccines. Frankly, I think I am experiencing something similar. I was getting twitches all ove...
Started by Conor Magerr in Health Bears 1 month ago
Any Alaskan Bears out there if so Give a shout out.
Started by Harald Nordskov in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
Hey Bears!We'll be having a meetup tomorrow for the bears, with a good community of people. SHould be fun with food, logos, conspiracies, homesteading, homeschooling...just normal people without ma...
Started by Jacob in San Diego Bears 1 month ago
I might actually be buying a small plot of land this week in Jefferson County..  I had been casually looking around most of the summer, but I was told about a cool resource for finding vacant land ...
Started by Bear Mooose in St. Louis Bears 1 month ago
Story Bears? Any of use heading to the National Party end the lockdown protest on the 10th of October outside Leinster House, Kildare Street? I've been really busy over the past few months preparin...
Started by PaddyGlassBear in Irish Bears 1 month ago
Hi folks,I’m in ‘burbs of Ahwatukee, and my backyard is just the dirt that was there when the house was built, and I badly want a backyard I can enjoy.Does anyone know of a landscape bear who could...
Disclaimer: I don't work for these guys. I haven't bought their products yet. This is not a sponsorship.Instagram gave me ads for HarvestRight freeze-dryers. I looked into it and see limitless pote...
Started by in Tucson Arizona Bears 1 month ago
Everything is being sold.  Make your best offer. I have offers on two of them but I'm giving it until Friday.  3 paintings remain.Going
Hello everyone!Our group chat has been going strong  for over a month now and has stayed positive and stead pilled. Our chat has business bears, momma bears, poppa bears, and singles bears, both yo...
Started by Lord Gregory in Toronto Bears 1 month ago
Unfortunately IG only lets us have a group size of 32. After a brief discussion, we decided to move to Whattsapp to accommodate a group of up to 256  Offer still stands, DM me @GregyOrNot  on here ...
Started by Lord Gregory in Ontario Bears 1 month ago
Any bears that golf? With being laid off and the weather finally starting to warm up, I've been trying to get out and play. Got one round in so far.I'm around scratch, shot -1 my first round (short...
Started by Bearicua in Upstate Ursae 1 month ago
Hello! My name is Deirdre I am a lone bear in Yonkers. You won't know me from the live stream chats because I don't take part, I listen while I work. My bear name is IKnowThatMyRedeemerLivethBear, ...
Hello Gulf Coast Florida Bears! I’m hosting a fun little ping pong event on Saturday at 6pm. It’s a tournament with prizes etc, but more importantly I thought it would be a great opportunity for so...
Started by ConnectorBear in Gulf Coast of Florida Bears 1 month ago
How are ya?
Started by MerchantBear in Colorado 1 month ago
Hey Bears,Sharing a project I'm kicking off on because of all the school madness this year. I’m a classical educator that started out making lessons for homeschooling my own kids when I was deploye...
Started by BinderBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 1 month ago
If anyone has space for an event, please message me, I have an IDEA!
If anyone has the space to host an event, please message me, I have an IDEA!
Would ya'll s like to start planning some sort of meet up? Maybe a pub or a bit of fishing at one of our great Finger Lakes? I personally love cooking outdoors and we could do a meal over a campfir...
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 1 month ago
I've got a half-dozen game ideas on paper. I can do dialogue, voice-acting, playtesting, art direction. ...But I can't program to save my life. (isn't that always the case?)Even if I could, it woul...
Started by in Gaming Bears 1 month ago
I made a sourdough starter on Tuesday and have been tending it. Once it has completed the process, I will begin showing you recipes to use with it.I will also be Dlive tomorrow morning at 8amPST ma...
Started by Copperbear in First we build, then we feast 1 month ago
 What up Bears!
Started by Homestead Bear in Carolinas Crushing 1 month ago