Started by Holly_Beary in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 4 months ago
Bears. I just found out my family will be relocating from central N.Y. to Texas. We can choose between Austin, Houston, and Dallas areas. I need all the tips on the best areas to look at. Although ...
Started by I Know That My Redeemer Liveth Bear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 4 months ago
Hey bears, I've been looking all over for bible based Christmas cards but haven't found any that I like, so I thought I'd check to see if any bears are making such a thing. If not, it's a good nich...
Started by Laura Bear in Midsouth Bears 4 months ago
Heyy yall!  Laura bear here!!!So upon further discussion. Some of us are planning on meeting up at Wolf river brisket co. On DEC. 5th in Mississippi!Address is : 6542 Goodman Rd, Olive Branch, MS 3...
Started by DazieBear in Black Swamp Bears 4 months ago
Hi NW ohio bears! Would love to get to know you!My family and I would like to get to know some real life bears and navigate this crazy world together. 
Started by Belsnickle_Bear in Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears 4 months ago
Where is your bear cave located? 
Started by Roselle blore in Bear Trail 4 months ago
Hi bears,My family and I are going to get out of dodge!  We’d like to move to Missouri, Idaho or Arkansas.As bears, we’d like some acreage and a modest house with a well on the property.  It’s just...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 4 months ago
Hey ladies. All you Mom bears out there- how do you overcome the anxiety about not getting the jabs? It’s almost as bad as the idea of having them. I mean is measles inevitable? Or fairly easy to p...
Started by Mike Molaro in Pittsburgh Regional Sleuth 4 months ago
Hey Hey.I'm in Squirrel Hill, home of the grabblers. Fortunately many Jewnicorns.  I'm a 37yo dad and music maker, private music teacher. I have 3 kids under 6. Just looking for good company under ...
Started by Christy McMunn in Gulf Coast of Florida Bears 4 months ago
I just wanted to see who is around these parts and if there are any gatherings this winter.I spend my time between West Virginia and Florida which has been a blessing from Jesus.
Started by Machseven in RVA Bears (Richmond, VA) 4 months ago
Is anyone here registered with the Great Bear Trail?  I've put in my registration info, but never get in.  Do you have to donate?  thanks for any info.  
Started by grahamcrackerbear in Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears) 4 months ago
Hi,I am Grahamcracker bear and I do tree work in the southern Ohio area.  I have experience doing tree work and other manual labor.  I will bid out anything I am comfortable doing and will obviousl...
Started by Westernrangerbear in Bear Trail 4 months ago
Hello i am super excited for being apart of a like mind ppl and I understand it takes time to trust and know others, but if your willing theres a lot my wife and i would like to offer to this commu...
Started by Lady Pitbullbear in Bear Trail 4 months ago
I have skills to offer all Bears that happen to come through Manchester, Michigan. I have been taking classes in Commando Krav Maga, which is Gun and Knife disarming. I am a Level 3 Student and hav...
Started by Johannes Chandler in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 4 months ago
Due to lack of demand because of coronu, hundreds of hogs are being sold off cheap! Adult Hogs at 250-300lbs going for $125 (pending getting a phone number to another for $75), butchered is like $1...
Started by BavardeBear in Health Bears 4 months ago
What's the latest gravy on water filters? Do y'all use bottled spring water or have your own filtration system? I mostly drink bottled spring water which I've heard is not the best because of micro...
Started by BillingtanuBEAR in Upper Midwest Bears 4 months ago
New here. Just checking in to meet some like minded people in the region to chat with. Please introduce yourself and where you're from. 
Started by kd_bear in Health Bears 4 months ago
Hi bears! I've been struggling with dental problems ever since I was a kid.. Back in June I went in for a check-up and got lots of very bad news including a treatment plan adding up to almost $7,00...
Started by JapJapBear in Phoenix Metro Area Bears 4 months ago
Started by Belsnickle_Bear in 2A & the like 4 months ago
Looking for a CCO for my AR. I'm used to M68's from my military time, but they are kind of pricey.  I'd like recommendations for similar performing models at a lower price point. If you think the M...
Started by DragonBear in 2A & the like 4 months ago
looking for recommendations on a new AR and optics. a lot of stores around here have sold out so i have been looking on line for guns that are still available. hoping for the gun and optics to be a...
Started by Libearian Bear (keri) in Maine Bears 4 months ago
Onward! Hello fellow Bears! I'm in the beautiful state of Maine! Portland area  native and looking for new friends! You know high in group preference as BB says! Hmu if you would like to communicat...
Started by Lord Gregory in Ontario Bears 4 months ago
Unfortunately IG only lets us have a group size of 32. After a brief discussion, we decided to move to Whattsapp to accommodate a group of up to 256  Offer still stands, DM me @GregyOrNot  on here ...
Started by Six Foot Nuthin Bear in Ontario Bears 4 months ago
For us masochists that like making pew in this country. Search and ye shall find.