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West Virginia Bears

I am moving to West Virginia in a few months to start a Homestead and I am looking for some Bears to ladle the gravy with.
13 2 0 gravy No fancy pants No lollies Logos homestead

1 hour ago
Alberta Bears

Greetings Alberta Bears! This group is for Bears living in the Alberta area. 
15 3 0 Western Canada Bears West Coast Bears Alberta Bears

1 hour ago
Bear Singles

A group for single bears anywhere and everywhere. Make a post here about yourself and where you're at. Users here may message you.
367 8 0 singles dating courting

1 hour ago
Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears)

Take a page out of the Grabbler play book and hire your own kind!This group will function as a place for Bears to place their CV's or in the very least a quick overview of their skills so that they...
91 12 0 Jobs Jobs for Bears Work Skill Share

2 hours ago
Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff

Those who create, inspire others to inspire others....From craft to craft
140 29 0 Art

2 hours ago
Pacific Northwest Bears

For Bears in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska. Idahoans welcome too!
146 28 2 PNW Oregon Washington British Columbia

3 hours ago
St. Louis Bears

Place to meet and organize for bears in St. Louis and vicinity.
25 11 0 Missouri Mo Saint Louis St. Louis Midwest Illinois IL

4 hours ago
Los Angeles Bears

This is for people who live in Los Angeles AND are bears! We're doing survival among the beast system here already.  Light in darkness . . . knowing that God has in multiple ways shown us what He c...
60 14 2

11 hours ago
CT bears....

Where all my New England bears at... CT, MA, RI
27 3 0

11 hours ago
Portland Bears

All the bears that live in Portland, OR should join this group so that we can meet and crush.
20 4 0 Crushing Trades Portland Bears Goats

13 hours ago
She Bears

A group for us wahmens. I have to admit I have selfish reasons for starting this group. I need bear advice about my relationship and as much as I appreciate the male perspective, I think it would b...
113 15 0 Women moms Relationships

14 hours ago
New Jersey Bears

Bears located in the garden state! Connect, grow, and learn together. 
26 1 0 New Jersey Bears

16 hours ago
Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth

What do bears do in a sleuth? Crush. So if you are a bear in the area, join the group for logos, good discussions, ideas, and community.
88 27 5 Meet Up

16 hours ago
Homesteading Community Development

Greetings to all, in the emerging community of Social Galactic, discussing how we might forge the first tangible homesteading co-op, with a physical location, for the like-minded. If there is alrea...
63 7 0

16 hours ago
Bear Trail

Welcome to the Bear Trail group! The international community of Bears is a force not to be underestimated. Build a fence, grow a garden, raise some animals, and crush.Sign up for the bear trail at ...
177 9 0 Unbearables Bear Trail Bear Community

16 hours ago

Looking for wyoming / south dakoata / colorado bears to link up supply and annalog communication networks. 
12 2 0 wyoming south dakoata colorado nebraska

16 hours ago
Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange

A group where bears can build our community by sharing seeds  and growing closer to our food supply. Share your surplus or trade, no magic squares(money). Every seed counts, help bears get started ...
191 17 0 Homesteading Gardening GrowYourOwnFood

17 hours ago
Utah Bears

From Snowville to St. George, Wendover to Vernal. Slick Rock deserts to High Uinta lakes. Land of the 4 seasons and many faiths. 
21 7 0

20 hours ago
Muskegon/Michigan Bears

Just starting a group for Muskegon bears and those in the area. 
29 5 3

21 hours ago
Dallas Bears

For bears in the DFW area
40 16 1

21 hours ago

For all the bears in CO
44 10 0 colorado

1 day ago