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Connecticut Bears

shout out

Started by thebearbarian in Connecticut Bears 2 months ago
shout out to all the CT bears........ 


There are more of us out there.

Greetings fellow CT Bear. How goes it?

2 months ago

Hello. Happy to have found this group.

Thank you for posting this.

1 week ago
1 week ago
Came up in Instagram, but how about our meetup spot being "Sleeping Giant" Kinda appropriate, considering who started this.
1 week ago

Wow. This board picked up quite a few members in the last week. 

Anyone not on our Instagram chat, look me up on insta and we can add you.  

1 week ago
Also, Sleeping Giant would be a great get together spot in CT. Although, we have Bear Mountain in Salisbury. It’s a 2000’+ climb. We can save that for special occasions. 
1 week ago

So happy I found this group. Wasn’t sure we had many Bears in CT. I’ve been following BB for about a year and half + now. Ive been waiting to send a letter with a donation, probably soon, to be bearified. I’m pretty active on DLive has carson7x3 and on IG If anyone recognizes. looking to get in touch with anyone in the group and see what’s up 

1 week ago
Hello fellow CT bears :)
15 hours ago