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Hire A Legend (Jobs for Bears)

Take a page out of the Grabbler play book and hire your own kind!

This group will function as a place for Bears to place their CV's or in the very least a quick overview of their skills so that they can get into contact with potential Bear Employers. 

So we don't just post all of our personal info all over the internet please follow these guidelines. Fill in as much as you like.

------ Format: 





The rest someone can gather from viewing your profile on Please make sure that all your information is filled out on that profile . Like location, and a visible email address.

This way potential employers can get into contact with you via email and we can keep the group discussion clutter free. 

We can also use this as a relevant place to just share skills among ourselves.

Thanks everyone, let's crush together and get this Bear Trail built!

Contact person(s) : 12ga Bear - Lou

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