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Sleep Tips, Hacks, & Techniques

Started by Pine Swamp Bear in bearfit - bears discuss fitnes, fasting, nutrition, exercise and physical performance 8 months ago

hello hello bears! Pine Swamp Bear here. 

I'm glad to be part of this group especially having been involved with health and fitness my whole life. I wanted to start this conversation to see how everyone here approaches sleep. 

Feel free to share any tips, tricks, or techniques for a better night sleep! We all know we need it 

8 months ago
I used to try all kinds of different things, and I realized I was approaching it wrong. Treat sleep like fitness. Get used to functioning on less sleep, and falling / staying asleep in less ideal conditions. If you go at it trying to make sleep easier you will just create a litany of things that you need in order to sleep. Nothing makes sleep easier than occasionally being a little sleep deprived.
3 months ago

There's been research suggesting that genetically some of us are natural night owls, whereas others are morning larks. My personal experience with some pretty intense work and travel schedules has convinced me there's a lot of truth to this, and that it is essential to work with your body's own unique circadian rhythm. While I second PipeOrganBear's advice about conditioning your body to perform on less sleep when life demands it, I think knowing what times you naturally peak and can make the whole process much easier!

2 months ago
I have two toddlers and try to do a lot of cleaning as soon as they go to bed. Every time I try and get too much done I end up laying in bed feeling wired. I have to have a wind down period before bed. Also I can't look at my phone too much before bed. That seems to keep me up. Cbd oil helps me also, if you are into that. Winding down is key though. Get cozy and relax.
1 month ago

Valerian root and melatonin can help with inducing drowsiness. Valerian root also had the potential to induce vivid dreams. 

3 days ago

It's a good question to ask! For me it's having pitch black room. Go around to any electronics, and I mean any electronics, and cover them up with a non-flammable material. The pure darkness is something you don't appreciate until you understand how amazing it is. 

Otherwise it's about not having stimulants past noon, not eating late, and prayer before bed (silent meditation for some). It's done wonders for me.