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Flu shot or termination

Started by StLouisBear in St. Louis Bears 7 months ago


New work policy: flu shot or termination. I plan to fight this by discussing with my manager and coworkers, submitting a conditional acceptance contract, and/or leveraging state court precedents of at-will employment exceptions. Anyone have experience in this area?


@StLouisBear That's outrageous. Are you familiar with Peggy Hall aka The  Healthy American? She's crushing on the coronuu front lines & could help you navigate this.  She has a lot of info on her site & youtube, and there's also a contact link on her site ; I wish you the best! 

7 months ago
@IKnowThatMyRedeemerLivethBear  I'm not familiar with Peggy Hall, but I'll check out her contact. I appreciate it!
7 months ago


Sounds like you already have a good head on your shoulders to try and counter their policy.  Don't make it easy for them.  And that goes for all the Bears on here.  We all need to be ready for this exact same scenario at our respective places of employment.  Whether a small place or a corporation.  We're all smart enough to know their agenda(digital i.d. tied to forced vaccinations), so be ready to counter them when it's presented.

I work for a large General Aviation company, and me and my coworkers are preemptively preparing for exactly what you are going through.  Every time we have a safety meeting with our GM present, we make sure he knows what we think of the mask(several of us refuse to wear it during any work operations), and that we aren't taking any kind of mandatory vaccination.

@StLouisBear  , if you don't mind, what line of work are you in, and what company do you work for? 

7 months ago

@IKnowThatMyRedeemerLivethBear  Peggy's site is down? 
@talusbear Yeah man, I won't make it easy. "Be the hard out." It's a large company of about 1000 employees (I'll share more if we ever meetup). 
1) I've voiced my non-consent.
2) Three teammates are also opposed; coordinating with them.
3) Medical and religious exemptions are available (filled out the religious exemption as Plan B).
4) Plan C: submit a conditional acceptance counter-offer, including liability, to the VP of HR. 
5) Plan D: Explore legal options (as Peggy Hall appears to suggest); however, I'm not finding any legal precedents of winning such as case.

Anyhow, starting up the job search.

@StLouisBear  No it's not down but the link above doesn't work, sorry about that. This should work - -  if not just search The Health American.

7 months ago

Been asking myself if this scare is causing us to slow down. Actually it's speeding us up. For this reason.

God bless, brother, hope you end up with a favorable outcome.

7 months ago

@StLouisBear  Damn man! Just getting caught up on this. I know the situation will end in a good resolution even if that means a different job for you. I think about the path that I've been on and at times what seemed like a real hard kick in the loins ended up being such a blessing. We aren't far off as I'm in Chesterfield. Praying for you and the family and I'm sure we'll link up when the time is right for you guys. 

7 months ago
@JomegaBear  Thanks, man! I agree; grateful for the path. Saying a prayer for you and yours as well.
6 months ago

Update: My initial religious exemption from the flu vaccine was denied by HR. Anyone know a "Religious Leader" who may agree to sign the exemption?
My argument for exemption:

1) 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."
Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;”

2) - Risks of influenza vaccine: "severe allergic reaction, other serious injury, or death" (CDC)  
     - Flu vaccines contain toxins: thimerosal and formaldehyde (CDC)  

3) Therefore, the influenza vaccination defiles the body of the living man, made in the image of God, with toxins.


6 months ago

Im really sorry to hear about this with the relgious reasons. I would really reconsider if this place is worth you working at.

Would they deny you if you were Muslim or Jewish> Hell no!!!!!!!

I remember working in the public and because I called out a lady who locked her kids in her van to sidewalk shop I almost

got fired from my job as a manager!!! I then found another job and quit a.s.a.p. You are not as valuable as they make you think you 

are in the business world. I promise you that!!!

Lord God is more important than the fear of loosing your job and mind.

Get a Blacks law dictionary and study up!! They are breaking all kinds of laws and if you face them in HR with your knowledge

they will have to back off.  You have your God giving rights under Lord God's laws!!

Prayers and blessings for you friend/


6 months ago

I appreciate your prayers, BedriddenBear, and well done on calling out that lady. 

No fear here; fear God only. It may be this place isn't worth it, but I'll be the "hard out", staying in honor and trusting in God's plan.

Prayers and blessings to you, BedriddenBear!

6 months ago

@StLouisBear   Have you tried a conditional acceptance letter yet?  I've actually been reading up on this stuff a bit lately.  There are 2 ways you can send them Notice.  Serve a "Notice of Non-Consent" with a "Conditional Acceptance" provision  if they can meet all of your criteria.  Such as proving to you that the vaccine is Safe, Effective, That they have taken it, & that they accept full Liability of harm. You can put in it anything you want as your conditions.

    The other thing I think you should try is serving them a plain "Notice of Liability".   That they accept Full & Complete Liability of any ill effects up to & including medical bills, lost wages, & punitive damages for pain, suffering, or death.  You then can list your own Fee Schedule for what they have to pay in the event of any eventuality. you can put anything you want, and most importantly, (Require that they Respond in Writing), in the time frame you specify, & that the terms are (Non-Negotiable).   You would normally serve them Notice through registered mail, but I have heard that E-mails can count. Just take screen shots of all E-mails & responses including the dates.  If they don't respond to the first notice, send a second "Notice of Default".  If they don't respond to the second one, you send a third "Notice of Default Judgement".   At this point you have won..  In the rules & Maxims of Commerce, Silence is Assent & acceptance of your response to their offer.      

Most companies will never accept liability in writing!   Just remember to avoid making statements when dealing with anyone at work.  Ask questions. This keeps you in the "creditor" role and "in Honor",  and most of all, Hold Your Position as a "Living Man".  Not a "person".   There are even some awesome resources you can use to help write Notices.  Solutions Empowerment has some automated templates you can use. I think it's a $5 donation to use. 

Another Organization is called In Power:   

If you join you can use their templates to serve Notice of Liability for "Smart Meters", Vaccines, 5G towers, & Chem-trails.  But I highly recommend you watch this video of theirs! It was jam packed full of Gravy...   


Also Tom Barnett has a good video on how to write Notices:  

Lastly here's a site with Blacks Law Dictionary..

I'm In the process of learning all of this Gravy & sending Notices to the surrounding Counties, StL City, State of MO, & the Feds for any & all future lock-downs, vaccines, or mandates.  You can serve Notice to anyone you see fit.   Hope this stuff helps!  God Bless! 

6 months ago

Traveling down the same roads! Great links, I'm a member of Solutions Empowerment, and I had reviewed the same. Since my Religious Exemption to the company was rejected and I haven't found a religious leader to sign the form, I'm planning to send a Notice of Conditional Acceptance tomorrow. I'm staying in honor and conditionally accepting the mandatory flu vaccine upon proof of their claims that 1) it's safe, 2) has no side effects, and 3) has been proven effective in reducing risk of flu and healthcare related transmissions. If they don't respond with proof in attached Affidavit, then it'll be taken as their assent and agreement that 1) the flu vaccine will not be required, and 2) I'll maintain my position. 

Godspeed on the Notices you're sending. Are you using the same format as the vaccine non-consent at Solutions Empowerment?

6 months ago

Sweet!   Yeah, I joined Solutions a week ago as well. Mostly because I'm interested in Learning  about contracts, & how to enter into one with the most leverage possible.  As a musician, I was in a pretty bad record contract back in the early 2000's.  Plus, if I do end up getting a Grabbler construction loan to build on my land, i'd like to actually set myself up to succeed.  

I'm am using the automated Notice for the vaccines from Solutions, but in the process making my own "lock down" notices, & "smart meter" notices. I've already sent a email notice to Ameren when they sent one of those emails a bit ago saying they were working on "upgrading" infrastructure to make it more "green". I knew what that meant right away. Also posted notices on the meters themselves.  As of now still have my  analog meters. Still need to make it official& send 2 more notices though.    

6 months ago

This was another gravy filled site I was just turned on to..  Still trying to make the time to take it all in.

6 months ago

Awesome stuff Bearmooose! I’ve just started to dabble with Solutions Empowerment myself. I definitely would need to sit down and spend some hours formulating what you put together above. Well done, sir!

6 months ago

Awesome stuff Bearmooose! I’ve just started to dabble with Solutions Empowerment myself. I definitely would need to sit down and spend some hours formulating what you put together above. Well done, sir!

4 weeks ago

@StLouisBear  & @JomegaBear  Was just wondering if either of you ever sent in those vaxx-jab non-consent notices from Solutions Empowerment to the “Prez”, or  Governor Parson?  And If so, did you ever receive a reply?  

4 weeks ago

@EJLouieB Negative. I had the Solutions Empowerment form ready to go with a Dr.'s signature, but then the Solution Empowerment site went down during that transition. I couldn't get back to the forms part even after contacting their support. I didn't feel comfortable sending it without next steps, so I've sat on the non-consent form. Navigating the mask waters has been going well--for example, when I now go to Dierbergs without a face diaper it's like I don't exist to the managers. I'm happy with that, and I think the “non-vaccine” will be easier to side-step in daily life. Did you see Big Bear's latest stream? He put forth the possibility that the “jab” script may flip, wherein those with the jab may be seen as the unclean. Nonetheless, many of my family and coworkers are getting the shot, and I'm feeling isolated in my immediate circles.

4 weeks ago

Right on @StLouisBear  I actually sent them in to the “Biden Admin”, & MO Governor, Attorney General, Sec. of State, & Director of MO Health & Senior Services.  I'm on round 2/ “first default notice”.  No reply from “Prez”, but I got “non-reply” replies from all MO offices.  I think they are confused? Lol!  

You can restart the whole process over in their portal if you feel so inclined.  I did cuz I forgot my password for the document generator.  Just make a new password for the Document generator.

4 weeks ago

I'll be sending in my final "notice of default judgement next week.

4 weeks ago

Oh awesome. I'd be interested to know how they respond; please keep me posted!