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Avoiding The Mask

Started by South Side Bear in St. Louis Bears 3 months ago

Hello Bears, I am starting this discussion so we can share strategies on avoiding the mask.  It seems the beast system is tightening the screws on this lately.  My main strategy up until now has been to travel outside the city to more rural areas without mandates to do my shopping.  However, the surrounding counties have mandates now too.  I'm not always in a mood to be confrontational so I've been taking advantage of curbside services and having a family member pick up a few extra things when going to the grocery store.  I've also ordered a ¼ cow from a local farmer that will be ready in late January.  But I'm looking for more ideas.  Please share the ways you have been able to avoid the mask.  Thanks!

3 months ago

I have also been going to rural areas, and my curbside stand that I get milk and cheese has put up a sign that masks are required. They haven't hassled me about it and if they do I will go to home delivery for dairy and online vendors for other products. I have a garden for my produce.

3 months ago

I've been getting eggs, yogurt, milk from Becky at:; she makes delivery stops around the area. Otherwise, Dierbergs is still my battleground. “Medical condition” is the goto and most managers gladly relay this to the shopper who has run to the manager to complain. I mentally prepare for each trip. Just yesterday I had a lady yelling at me to put on a mask, but I ignored her and continued onward. BearTaria.

3 months ago

Oh great. Thanks for that link.

2 months ago

Hey Bears, Just wanted to add to this discussion. Recently saw that Peggy Hall from is selling Religious exemption cards for $12. having her husband, who is a minister sign for them. This is another avenue you can use. They can not deny you access to “public accommodations” for a “sincerely held religious belief”. Of course you have to back it up with your actions and words, but I Just bought one to try out. Plus, I just want to support people like Peggy who do great work.

1 month ago

I read that official story PDF off a .gov site about the mask experiment. I must admit to my bias, but just don't understand how anyone in government would approve mask mandates based on such faulty science.

This was a gas exchange experiment that gained exemption from the Independent Review Board which guides ethics and procedures.

There are no details of participants data, except that 2 of the participants with COPD needed supplemental oxygen to complete the six minute walk. That's what it based on… A six minute treadmill walk.

Scientific reports don't usually site political environment to support findings. That one does site the political climate.

If there is found to be adequate gas exchange, wouldn't there be adequate virus exchange? So to me, the official mask science proves the mask won't protect you from inhaling a virus.

1 month ago

Not only that, but the CDC itself conducted a study that spanned almost 50 years, showing that masks have minimal affect in stopping the spread of Influenza like respiratory viruses.   Check the link out when you get a chance: 

They act like this study doesn't exist.