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Started by burning tongue bear in home remedies 6 days ago
After reading a bit about Salicylic curing cancer, I decided to by some 100% pure powder on amazon. I read that Salicylic acid removes moles. It does.I had a mole that was growing on my arm that I ...
Started by Travis in home remedies 1 month ago
Greetings Bears, New member here, and I’m pumped about this website. I thought I’d start a thread that some of you might find useful. Over the past couple of years, I’ve started researching v...
Started by pillarbear in home remedies 2 months ago
don't worry, im just asking for a friend haha        ...please help it itches so much
Started by White Lion Bear [Leo LeBlanc] in home remedies 2 months ago
Modern medicine doesn't heal, it patches at best. There is not one drug that cures ANYTHING.A long time ago I was diagnosed ADHD. I understand there are many many rumors about this new-age ailment ...
Started by FermentedBear in home remedies 2 months ago
Hey bears, want to share another person's protocols that has helped me personally.  A few things about Candida:Candida is a type of parasite/bacteria that is in everyone's body.  It has essential f...

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