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fixing your own abscessed tooth

Started by burning tongue bear in home remedies 1 month ago

hey bears,

wanted to share with you some tried and true methods to fixing your own abscessed tooth without going to the dentist and spending tons of money. 

i don't have insurance,  so homeopathic is the way and i love learning.

well, after i spent a night in pain and the whole right side of my face swoll up,  including my eye; which also included the shivers and running  fever and wearing a sweater while the house was 78 degrees.... the next morning i did research and was able to get all supplies on amazon.

200C hepar sulph

200C Silicea

Bestmade BIO Toothache & Nerve pain

clove essential oil

oregano essential oil

india white thyme essential oil

the day supplies came in,  3 each of hepar sulph, silicea, bio every 2-4 hours for two days... then going to 2 each every 4-6 hours next two days, and then 1 of each twice a day for another three days. for another week i just took 2 times a day of hepar sulph. 

on day 3 i could feel the immune system response of white blood cell liquid wanting to drain through gums. that is when i put drops of clove, oregano and time on a cotton ball and stuffed it up by the gums that were swollen. the oils instantly ate through the weak tissue causing my mouth to water which made a solvent going directly to the injured area. all liquid, which was not infected or puss drained. i had to spit out two times all the liquid ftom the swollen area which was released by the essential oil. i did this process again on day 5, because it required a lot of calories, so a day of healing was important. 

treat yourself at home and have it be gone within two weeks, only 50 bucks and extra supplies for the next time. no pulling teeth, no stitches, no cutting through nerves.

Thanks for sharing this! I've not had that problem myself, but it's always good to have the sorts of solutions before the problem occurs!

3 weeks ago
This was a great informative post. Thanks for that. I recently had a tootje pulled bcmy filling broke off under the gum line. No saving it. So it was yanked. However using clove for the pain before I made it to the dentist worked great! Didn't have the oil but the spice did the trick! Will keep this info handy if something happens again. 
1 week ago