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After reading a bit about Salicylic curing cancer, I decided to by some 100% pure powder on amazon. I read that Salicylic acid removes moles. It does.

I had a mole that was growing on my arm that I would accidentally scratch. I decided I would test the Salicylic acid on that mole.

I made a gel like substance using vegetable glycerin, bring it up to temp in a double boiler, adding a small amount of the acid and mixing well and let sit in the fridge to cool.

I applied  the gel to the mole twice weekly. After the first week, top layers of the mole peeled off. Within three weeks, the mole has been completely removed, further treating to remove scar. 

Mole was 1/8th of an inch in size.

Very happy with the results.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients can be found on amazon. 

Note that ACID can BURN. Use with caution and. common sense. Taking the steps to be your own doctor is wise.

2 weeks ago

Wow, that's amazing-- thank you for sharing! Do you have an update on how the scar has fared?

2 weeks ago

i stopped applying ointment after most of mole got removed. i think i could have had even better results if i kept applying but I'm happy.

2 weeks ago

the mole was orginally the size ans darkness of one of those tattoo dots

2 weeks ago

Wow, I'd hardly have even noticed it unless you pointed it out. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if it's just as effective at knocking out cancerous ones too. I'm saving this one!