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Meet up downtown

Started by Ryan Smith in Toronto Bears 2 months ago

Hey everyone, Toronto local Silver Bear here wondering if anyone else downtown wants to shoot the shit and hang sometime. Let's pick a good spot downtown and make a thing of it, might be cool if there was a place in a nice park where before or after the streams, bears could meetup and chill for a bit, drink a  coffee or beer and share some laughs, I'll move the map marker after we figure out an ideal spot. 

Take care,

Silver Bear

Haha, I may come to Toronto sometime soon! Right now, I am staying somewhere else, but will let you know when I am in Toronto and we'll hang out!
1 month ago


I'm game for meeting up. I don't mind along the edge of downtown, just not near the centre. Whether it be at a park, for a bite, coffee or drink, doesn't matter to me. 

1 month ago
Only in Toronto for another month or so, but I'm game for meeting up with some local bears before I go
4 weeks ago

I'm up in Vaughan, just moved out of the city cause of the vid - my roommates gf wouldn't let him live with me cause of my failure to comply w her families covid rules lol.

I've got a car, happy to meet up anywhere in the GTA to get to know some Toronto peeps. 

Lmk when and where I'll be there.


2 weeks ago


I'm in North York, would be down to meet up and make new friends. Like outdoors, parks or whatever. Into gardening, have seeds and plants to share.  Let me know if there's interest in panning a hang out.

1 week ago

I'm in. Prefer weekends, or sometime after work hrs on weekdays (5pm).  From North York, but can meet up anywhere.

Do the downtown bears have ability to travel around? I was gonna suggest Sunnybrook park as a meet up spot.

@SilverBear  thanks for setting things up. 

1 week ago

Still in the city until the 18th. Can get around via TTC.

Any spot works for me, Sunnybrook Park sounds fine.

What day works for you guys? Since I'm getting ready to leave my hours are quite flexible (not working).
1 week ago
Sunnybrooke park works for me. I could do today, or one day this wk after 5. My schedule is flexible atm
1 week ago

chineseBear here, would also like to join the meet up. 

Lots of people were out at the Oakville Coronation Park today, so I think Sunnybrook would be similar on the weekend. 

1 week ago
Okay then. So weekend or weekday? Let's try to narrow it down to a day and time. I have something on Saturday coming up but the rest of the week is free.
6 days ago
I'm not in the GTA. But, I'm only about an hour's drive away. And frequently drive through, going back and forth to the cottage. Sooo, I'm definitely down for bear hangs.
12 hours ago

I've got exactly a week left here, and will be busy for most of those days. Basically it's down to tomorrow (Wed Aug 12) or not at all.

Will come back to visit the city at some point as I've still family here, maybe we could still do something down the road too

2 hours ago