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Update for Maryland, DC, NOVA Bears

Started by Kathryn in Maryland - Washington DC - Northern Virginia Meet Up Bears 1 month ago

Hey everyone! I realized I have not been active on here in awhile so I wanted to give an update. We actually have a strong sleuth going - we chat everyday and hangout/meetup regularly. We use a different site for messaging so let me know if you would like an invite to our group - so you can chat and know when we are getting together! In order to receive an invite - we would prefer If you attend a meet up first. This is to keep the group private and safe from trolls who just want to spy on our chat. God Bless everyone! 

1 month ago

Hey! Thanks for making the post. I'd like an invite, please.

1 month ago

@benebear Hey, I sent you a message! :)

1 month ago

Id love an Invite!

1 month ago

I would like an invite please!

1 month ago

@damien-rizzo & @clark-gorny Hello - sent both of you invite messages!

1 week ago

Hello. Just catching up. Not sure how to send a msg here yet, working on my tech skills and trying to figure out each platform. Love to meet some local bears. I usually travel 1 time a month from the mountains to the bay. Love to attend some gatherings.