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Central Florida Bears

Anyone near Orlando?

Begonnen door Melinda in Central Florida Bears 2 maanden geleden
We live a little north of Orlando. Any bears near us?
I’m just west of Orlando... Winter Garden/Ocoee area.
2 maanden geleden
I’m south of Orlando shark
2 maanden geleden
I work in Osceola county, just south of Orange county.
2 maanden geleden
Winter garden/Oakland here! We should figure out a meeting place or something. I don't really  know  any other bears in FL personally.  We just moved here 2.5 years ago. 
2 maanden geleden

Go east from Orlando hit water. There I am. :)

(well, right before the water; still on the land.)

A local of the Space Coast.

1 maand geleden
I'd love to meet up. I just moved here a few years ago myself, from Atlanta.
1 maand geleden
Hey veritas bear. I grew up in Titusville.
1 maand geleden

Ironsbear, I lived in Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Titusville, Eau Gallie and West Melbourne. I think you see the theme (Brevard County.)  I am cloistered; as I am a monk (This means I can't go to meet ups. But I am interested in keeping in touch.) I have been following Big Bear since WDTL Podcast 2. Officially didn't get Bearified until 2017.

(I have lived in other states and countries but I thought the Florida areas were relevant.)

4 weken geleden