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Anyone Know a Good Church?

Started by MamaDawnBear in Central Florida Bears 1 month ago
Desperately searching for a mask free, hugs, shake your hand, never closed during corvid church. 
1 month ago

We recently had a Florida Bear meet up and came together in fellowship over the weekend. Everytime I try to find a church, they're all doing the coronu stuff. We definitely all hugged and never wore masks, haha.

2 weeks ago

Well I don't know where something like this would fall in terms of whatever theological views you might have, but I can vouch for a few places run by sedevacantist priests as far as seeing straight through coronu and refusing to cuck since the very beginning. If Brooksville isn't too far of a drive for you, I'd be happy to meet up!

1 week ago

Steven Anderson's website for his list of (NIFB) new independent fundamental baptist churches: https://www.faithfulwordbaptist.org/page10.html

Spencer Smith's website for his list of (IFB) independent fundamental baptist churches: https://independentbaptist.church/

Chuck Baldwin's list of “Satellite Fellowship Groups”: https://libertyfellowshipmt.com/Resources/FindGroups.aspx


Also note that Steven Anderson would refer to the IFB as the "old" IFB (OIFB).

Also that the “new” in NIFB actually came about in an attempt to restore more old church ways. :-)