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Chicago Bears

This is a group for any bear that wants to meetup in Chicago or around the Chicago suburbs for food, drinks, and games. All ages are welcome!

Contact person(s) : Jeff

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Hey everybody! I have vacation time the last week of October. I've decided I'm gonna take a road trip to my family's townhouse just outside of Daytona Beach, Florida. So why am I telling you guys a...
Started by WhereItsAtBear in Chicago Bears 1 week ago
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,Full  disclosure: I'm not from Chicago area. I'm in Champaign County, and until I get a car, that's really as far as I can travel. Is anyone in here from or in Cha...
Started by Moritz Kraemer in Chicago Bears 6 months ago


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We are planning a meet up at goodnewsfarmerbears property in lake village Indiana. Don't have any date set and not sure exactly of the plans, any suggestions would be appreciated.