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Vaccines and Dr. Office Policy/Kickbacks

Started by Tiredofthebs bear in Deutschbears 1 week ago

When I worked in a family medicine office (northern Virginia) back in the mid 2000's (as a Med Tech), the doctors would receive a $40,000 bonus from the drug companies/CDC if they had a 63% completed vaccination schedule rate for the pediatric patients. The bonus would scale up if they exceeded 69%.

In order to avoid any legal blow back, they had the parents sign an "vaccine information release form" that stated vaccines were:

a. safe

b. effective

c. tested

d. but rarely could have unwanted "allergic" reactions (eg. swelling, rash, fever, the disease, fatigue, autisum etc)

e. parent understood the above and assumed any risk the injection could cause

If the parents agreed and signed, then the infant would get up to 4 injections at one time (2 in each thigh) and a liquid combination dose of ibuprophen/tylenol to reduce the pain this caused and the chance of fever.

They did have a "clean" version of some of the vaccines. The doctors did not offer this option because most insurance companies did not cover the cost (without a medical reason), but the parents did have the option of paying out of pocket if they knew to ask for it.

Any Bears know the current vaccine policies/protocols in US family medicine? Here in Germany they passed a mandatory MMR requirement for any child attending school (home schooling is not allowed here), day care, pre school, camp, etc...

Thank you


Hey TiredoftheBSBear,

I myself am a native German and therefore have little to no knowledge how this may look like in the US. Maybe this post would gain more views and comments in the HealthBears group? -->



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