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Dallas Bears

Hey DFW bears!

Started by Kimberly in Dallas Bears 3 days ago
Hi there bears! It has been quite a while since anybody has posted in this thread. I guess I am just wanting to keep renewing the connection spirit. I heard on one of BB's streams that folks from the are were able to have a get together and several lady bears are pregnant. First of all, CONGRATS!!! That is wonderful news indeed. Keep crushing for sure! Second, it would be nice to try to set up another get together for DFW bears. Anybody have any thoughts or ideas on the matter? You can PM me or just answer the thread to keep the convo rolling. I hope this finds all of you well and happy. Keep crushing ya'll! God Bless!

Hey!!  Just recently joined the site and I've been buzzing thru it. I recall the DFW Bear meet up you're referring to, and would definitely look forward to another opportunity to meet Bears!!! 

Comin to ya live from North Richland Hills, TX. Hopefully this thread gets some attention. 

3 days ago
I’d be down for a meetup, and living in the Keller area. It would be awesome to meet up with guys!
2 days ago
Thats awesome yall! Im in the Fort Worth area. We definitely need to collaborate a meet! Hoping that there are more of us in this giant city!!
2 days ago

Hi y'all,  I am here in North Fort Worth. A meetup would be fantastic and refreshing. It's difficult to find logical, rational, awake people around here. I am sooo exhausted with seeing these face mask cowards. 

2 days ago
Hey there @Jason I know exactly what you mean! It has been a struggle to keep the despair at bay with all of these sheeple surrounding us! I would love to plan a bear meet for sure! I know the holidays are coming up fast so some of y'all might be busy. If we could designate a meet up spot so everybody has a fair distance to travel that would be amazing. If y'all have any ideas or suggestions please let us know @Devin  and @PwnyExpressBear.  
2 days ago

What's up bears? I'm not necessarily Fort Worth or Dallas, I live out towards Possum Kingdom/Graham area. I visit South Fort Worth (Burleson) frequently though. I'll make a drive for a meet up. I know several bears and bear adjacents that'd be down as well.

Burleson is probably not a good half way point but a lot of old town Burleson is not abiding by the covid BS. And really good restaurants as well.

1 day ago

Howdy @Travis. That is a really great suggestion. I imagine some of us will have to travel so that is a given. I like the idea of finding a place that is mask free for sure. @Devin ,@Jason ,@PwnyExpressBear what do y'all think? 

A get together for bears and bear adjacents would be legit!

1 day ago
Yes Burleson does seem chill with the Covid restrictions. The people there are generally tough and awake. I am totally down to meet up in Burleson. 
1 day ago
Waxahachie, here. My wife and I are happy to host any gathering. We have the space and ample parking.
1 day ago

GringoBaggins, that sounds awesome!! Waxahachie is cool too. Got my eye in that area as an escape from Ft Worth!! Definitely down for a meet up. 

19 hours ago

Hey @gringobagginsbear  That sounds excellent!! Would love to plan a meet up in the near future if yall are comfortable hosting then we can plan that soon! Is December a good month for yall? If so definitely a weekend would be ideal for most I would think. If you want to throw out a timeframe then we can make a commitment to it. Looking forward to our correspondence to set up a meet!

14 hours ago

Hey Gringobaggins, that's marvelous! Thanks for offering to host. Waxahachie  is perfect for me also. 

Hey Kimberly, any weekend in December works for me. 

What's up Dev! I know you are excited for the vaccine, just hold on brother help is on the way hahahahaha! 

17 minutes ago