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New Jersey Bears

Welcoming any New Jersey Bears

Started by Pine Swamp Bear in New Jersey Bears 3 months ago

Hello! I'm excited to connect and grow a strong bear community in the Garden State. If you find this group be sure to join and hopefully we can grow big enough for meet ups and more. 

   I'll throw in a little introduction of myself. I'm pine swamp bear, name kind of says it all. I was born and raised in the southern half of New Jersey in the pine barrens and wet lands. Growing up I always enjoyed the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and just red assing out in the woods with four wheelers and dirt bikes. Almost about 2 years ago I moved to Florida mostly for my career, after a while it didn't feel like home to me, and the heat was terrible. So I drove cross country and explored most of the great western states. After being out there for a while I felt distant from my family and home. Since then I moved back to NJ and began growing where I was originally planted. Through the inspiration of the bears and others I learned, gained skills, built, and am working towards building a family someday. 

I'd love to connect with any local bears!

Take care and god bless. 

3 months ago

Hey brother, good to see another crusher here from NJ.  I'll copy my intro from the South Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware group to here.

Good morning, fellow Bears.  I'm Joe, I'm from Brick (south-central-ish NJ), and I'll be stuck in this state for ~5 more years - until after I finish up my apprenticeship.  After that, I'm currently leaning towards moving out to Wyoming, Missouri, South Dakota, or Idaho, with West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia on the table for closer options.  Until then, all I can do is pay off debt, save for the future, and keep working on improving myself.  I'm a bit of a hermit/recluse, but I nonetheless feel both relieved and optimistic that fellow-minded individuals exist in this general NJ/PA/DE area (especially here in NJ).  Cheers!

3 months ago
Welcome Electrician Bear glad to meet you! I understand how you feel about moving out of the state. I've had the feeling for years and moved to Florida back around 2016. It was a great experience but didn't feel like home so I did a cross country trip and visited a bunch of states. After being away from family for so long I came back about 2 years ago.  So far I'm just blooming where I'm planting and seeing what the future holds. All the states you mentioned are beautiful and I hope you can get out there soon. Until then I'm glad to connect! 
3 months ago

Yo men I am in Englishtown, I am getting out of here soon selling our houses and going to check out Idaho this week. Dirty jersey can keep the pot holes bending rims. 

3 months ago

@cesar-espinoza Howdy.  Good for you brother, I hope you can find a great plot of land to move to.

@pine-swamp-bear Same here brother, slowly blooming here where I've been planted, but I'm limiting the depths of my roots.  I won't be able to uproot for ~2 or ~5 years, depending on circumstances with my apprenticeship and the IBEW's rules and regulations.  If I do end up staying here in NJ, I'm considering finding some land a little more inland and perhaps a bit to the south of where I'm currently at.  That's great that you got to experience life in another state for some time, and that you got to travel cross-country and peep many different states.  With respect to weather, scenery, gardening/homesteading potential, and community potential, which states did you enjoy the most?

Cheers, brothers.

3 months ago

Hey update from Idaho, this place is legit and the people are some of the friendliest authentic culture I have met in our country.  

When is our first NJ meet up ? Maybe a bicycle ride at some place that isn’t on lockdown. 

2 months ago

Hey guys,

I grew up in North Jersey, have been around here and NYC most of my life. I've always thought about moving, but there's something about the f-u attitude of New Jersey that I find endearing. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's probably a bloom where your planted kind of thing. I'm saving to buy my own piece of property, while I do gardening and outdoor work at my brothers place in central jersey.

A meet up would be cool, let me know if something comes up.

2 months ago
I'm in South Jersey. Not sure how long I'll remain in this state, but for now I'm down to meet up whenever.
2 months ago
Getting my NJ bow tags next week. I used to have access in Old Bridge but not anymore. I'm going to hunt public. Any suggestions on locations?
2 months ago
Hey NJ bears.  I'm 2-3 hours away up in northern jersey... Sussex county but interested in a meet up sometime.   Other than going to college in PA, I've alway lived in Warren or Sussex counties.  I worked on a dairy farm for 10 years and while it doesn't pay like a corporate job, my roots are are in the dirt and manure.  I've grown my own garden for 8 years now and it supplies my family with all our vegetables for the year and we got laying chickens too.  I had a go with honeybees for several years but I had too many things going on and I had to give something up and that was it.  I really like the idea of local community and trying to get that going in my area and I find that bears are some of the best people out there.
1 week ago
Hello fellow Nj bears. My name is Michael or RFA Bear. I’m up in Jersey City where my family started in NJ. We had 7 family members on my grandfather side come here on the Mayflower so there’s that.  I was a diesel tech for 10 years, coffee equip tech for 3 and I’m currently in the HVAC trade. I enjoy this much more than the others. I’m waiting for my name to come up on The FDJC list. I am working on a homestead group with my family but would like to extend to the bears. I’m drawing up an idea for a automated greenhouse. Heating cooling water.   My grandfather, mom and her siblings are all in brick/toms river so if you know the name Nickerson/Casella (Bear from brick) you already know.  I think a meet up would be great.  My friend and I also did a camping trip some years ago. 2nd week of January, no tent. Would like to do some extreme camping again 
1 week ago

Howdy @RicochetBear and @michael-4 , glad to make your e-acquaintances.  It seems like both of you are crushing hard.

@RicochetBear , my paternal grandparents live in Sussex county - within Vernon, to be more precise.  It is beautiful up there, and I have many fond memories of visiting them from my childhood.

@michael-4 , I also reside in Brick; and though I can't say I've heard of the name Nickerson, I did graduate from high school with a Casella in 2005.  Is there a Matt by chance within your extended family?  If it's the same gentleman, I don't recall ever interacting with him throughout our years together in school, but I knew of him / knew who he was by name and face; and it'd be a trip to learn that someone else I went to high school with is familiar with Owen Benjamin and the Unbearables community.

1 week ago
@electricianbear    yeah Joe. Matt is one of my closest cousins and I got him onto Bb about a year or more ago. He has an older brother James and younger brother Andrew who all were in brick. Matt is currently in Asbury but yes. The bears are definitely here in NJ. 
1 week ago

@electricianbear  it’s a pleasure to connect or reconnect; however this makes sense. I sent you a message. Look forward to chatting.

1 week ago
@michael-4   @matthew-casella   Thank you, brothers.  What a small world we live in, hahaha.
1 week ago

Sup, Jersey Bears!!!! 

I'm not all that proud to admit, cause I love my roots, but i don't live in Jersey anymore..

I just joined the site and stumbled across this particular forum and thought I'd drop in my love for you guys still representing!!!!!    I grew up in Avenel, which is in Woodbridge Twnsp, up by Edison and those 2 big malls.. Same little town Rahway Prison is in.  Spent my first 22yrs there. It's where a big part of my family still is, and all my best friends were built up from there. I love Jersey. Its home. Despite all of its problems. It's full of crushers apparently still ✊

1 week ago

Hey @michael-4  our bear-ancestors no doubt knew each other.  I'm from the Brewster family line that traveled on that same ship that was not lost at sea.  Nice to meet you.

1 week ago
@RicochetBear    well. My aunt believes we’re related to William Brewster.  So there’s that
1 week ago

@michael-4 nice!  That's the same story I heard from my grandparents.  Probably makes us cousins.  Brewster is my middle name too.

1 week ago

@devin  and @RicochetBear  whats up guys! Just dropping in as to not leave y’all hanging and want to acknowledge fellow Bears. If you had read through, you may have seen that @michael-4  is my cousin and in particular @RicochetBearkind of funny how we could be related in some way. 

 Anyway, take care and stay blessed. 
4 days ago

Hey guys. Mike aka RFA Bear here. I made event pages for my family and friends asking if any of them were interested in these subjects. I personally want to get deeply involved in all of these ASAP. My cousin has 9 acres in Monroe for gardens and live stock. I just got my gun license and I’ve really enjoyed camping in more extreme conditions. I am also working on automated greenhouses for all year gardening and minimal oversight.   Now I share it here. Which of you guys would like to have a meet up sometime and discuss this and more.

1 - greenhouses

2 - food storage, jarring, emergency storage, deep freezer 

3 - chicken coops

4 - self defense

5 - shooting range 

6 - extreme camping 

13 hours ago