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Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange

A group where bears can build our community by sharing seeds  and growing closer to our food supply. Share your surplus or trade, no magic squares(money). Every seed counts, help bears get started or try something new! All bears are welcome. 

If you have seeds to share, make your own discussion. This way everyone can see the seed that are available easily. 

Check out the Garden Gravy- A Place to Grow and Share group for discussions/ questions on how to grow or to show off your fruits!

Contact person(s) : Laconic Bear B-Cub

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Latest discussions

Just thought id start throwing things up. I'm also starting a hashtag on SG #seedsharing just because its more active there.I have a Birds Eye Thai Chili PlantPequin Chili Plant that are always thr...
Started by HWbear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 13 hours ago
I found hops growing in my backyard. not sure how they get there and i dont know how to harvest and share. but if any bear are interested or can tell me how to harvest roots to share i would be wil...
Started by DragonBear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 1 week ago
I am looking for cuttings or seeds for a California Bay Laurel (umbellularia californica)  and Moringa (Moringa oleifera)Thanks,  I have some angelica acutiloba and angelica archangelica, which are...
Started by Fubear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 1 week ago
Currently looking to start sprouting starts for  a late fall/winter Garden in Beartaria Texas. Any suggestions on caloric vegetables, beans Or greens I could grow? I was thinking of-Kale, Swiss Cha...
Started by Camelot Bear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 3 weeks ago
Hey BearsSo far, quite a few bears have requested seeds, and I'm so glad to help! It's not to late to get seeds, and I just received a lot more, so I thought I would update my seed stock post with ...
Started by B-Cub in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 2 months ago

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