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Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange

Pequin & Birds eye Thai Chili - Up for seed sharing.

Started by HWbear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 1 month ago

Just thought id start throwing things up. I'm also starting a hashtag on SG #seedsharing just because its more active there.

I have a 

Birds Eye Thai Chili Plant

Pequin Chili Plant 

that are always throwing stuff out, so if people want some hit me up. Will start sharing sprouts when they start showing up as well.


2020-08-11 21:23:29


Good idea!  Need to get on SG and see what's up.
1 month ago
Man that red is gorgeous! How hot are they in terms of a jalapeƱo and a habanero?
4 weeks ago
Those look very nice.
1 week ago


 Hey sorry for the long wait, i didn't realize you wrote me on here. I've never had a raw Habanero, but they are both hotter than the jalapenos, especially the thai chili. The Thai chili definitely tastes better, it has a natural spice flavor. The pequin is hot but really lacks any type of flavor, i think because its more of a wild weed type. Both of the bushes have alot of yeld when its harvest time!
1 week ago