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Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange

Expand to tree cuttings?

Started by Fubear in Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange 1 week ago

I am looking for cuttings or seeds for a California Bay Laurel (umbellularia californica)  and Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

Thanks,  I have some angelica acutiloba and angelica archangelica, which are the most exotic seeds I have,  this is a herb, or weed, from the parsley family that is used in Korean Natural Farming in the Oriental Herbal Nutient (OHN)  as a nutrient and prophylactic against insect damage.  It is a hardy perennial that grows to 60-90 cm.   They take months to germinate, as they need to be in moist cold soil/compost  to trigger germination when it warms again.

Hey Fubear, We have moringa plants. They die back every winter. Working on that.

Some of our rarer stuff- pineapple guava, goji, thornless blackberry, alloysia, mugwort, loquat (not rare, but we have many). We have all kinds of stuff honestly. Would take a documented walk to make a list.


1 week ago
I would love a moringa starter kit, even if I have to wait till spring.    All I have are junk oak and juniper (cedar), and prickly pear on this property.  But I am slowly trying to establish some herbs and succulents, and then once I get the cedar knocked back some, do berries, nuts, and fruit trees.    Clearing brush in this texas heat and now humidity, since the rain broke the heat,  has been challenging, after sitting on my behind for 5 months, but getting back in shape quickly.
6 days ago