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Alberta Bears

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Started by Six Foot Nuthin Bear in Alberta Bears 1 month ago

I'm hoping to move back west in next 2 years. Eyes on Alberta or SK (never been there though).

Anyway, found this wonderful 1/2 slice in Alberta:

We can dream until we can do.

Great idea! I've just started looking at acreages myself. I've lived in Calgary my entire life but given the current situation in cities I think it's time to look outside the city. If for no other reason to gauge the cost and options that are out there. 

Are there any good sources you'd recommend for finding cheap acreages? I'm looking at more underdeveloped land (ie. cheaper ones in need of some work)

2 weeks ago is where any agent sales will be. I've never found anything up to date for private sales besides driving around and looking for sale signs. you can search by "vacant land" or by "recreational property" in the filters. There you can set acreage filter.
5 days ago