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Greetings bears

Started by Linden Schneider in Alberta Bears 8 months ago
I am a long time listener and though I am not bearified ,I am a bike owner married Christian with 2 young kids we live in a small town south of Edmonton and we are seeking to meet up with some fellow bears and crush .I have skills in carpentry farming and cattle ,feel free to contact me 
6 months ago

hey fellow bear! 

Where south of EDM?   can I DM you?  

6 months ago

We live in Edmonton currently (looking for cheap land in Saskatchewan however). I'm also a Christian (wife and kids are slowly learning also).

I am a painter by trade but also work on cars among other hobbies, and am experimenting with indoor gardening, mostly microgreens and sprouts.

Give me a shout anytime.

5 months ago
Welcome Linden!
5 months ago
Yeah DM me anytime[]
5 months ago

Hello fellow Alberta Bears!

My family and I live in a town just outside of Edmonton. It's just my husband and I with our 4 year old son so far.
We don't have much to offer at the moment, as we are still living in an apartment but working towards the homestead life.
feel free to add me on instagram if anyone would like and keep in touch! It would be great if all the bears in Alberta could meet up sometime.

insta: berta_bear91

Keep cushing! 

2 weeks ago

Hey not bearified but been following since the days with crowder and long time follower of Crrow777.  recently got a wood chipper if any one cant get arbourists to drop off mulch, and building bee hives for any one interested in helping protect the bees from colony collapse. 

2 weeks ago

Hey bears!  I'm thinking have having a meet up on my deck / yard soon, as things are finally warming up here.

Feel free to DM me, and let me know if a Wednesday evening would work.  Otherwise, I may have a Sat or Sun available in May too. 

DM if it interests you and I'll find a date.  I'm slightly N of Ed by the way.