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Black Swamp Bears

NW Ohio Bears

Started by DazieBear in Black Swamp Bears 2 weeks ago

Hi NW ohio bears! 

Would love to get to know you!

My family and I would like to get to know some real life bears and navigate this crazy world together. 

1 week ago
Howdy Austin! We live a little North of Lima in Putnam County, just taking it day by day. How are you?
1 week ago
Hey! We live in Cuyahoga Falls. Just had twin girls, and taking it day by day as well. Hope all is well.
1 week ago

Congrats on the new cubs! 

Two girls! Such a blessing! 

I'm actually 39 weeks pregnant with our first cub, a little boy. Currently nesting my whole house pretty much whenever I have the energy, my husband, FlatfootBear, and I cant wait to finally meet the little blessing. He can come any time now! 

1 week ago

Congratulations to you guys!  That's phenomenal.  I'll keep you guys in my prayers as parenthood comes to fruition for you guys.

We got our third coming.  Will be here in the springtime.

We're up north of Findlay a little ways.  Good to know there are some bears nearby!

1 week ago

Thank you both! 

Daziebear &  Austin congrats to you guys  as well. Very exciting times for all of us. 

1 week ago

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

Going to be a fun weekend, I'm currently in esrly labor and laboring at home until we head over to Bluffton when its almost time. Thought home would be thr best place to be comfortable, luckily Bluffton doesn't require masks unless in hallways! Thank goodness. 

If he isnt here by Sunday at 6 am though, I will be induced for his safety just due to a few complications I have had and to make sure he is safe. So excited, but I'd be lying if I didn't say we are a little nervous to transition from a family of 2 , to a family of 3... especially after ten years of just the two of us. 

Stressed, but oh so blessed! 

We're also super excited to learn of close by bears, maybe over time we will all grow close and we can have a cook out or something!  

1 week ago
Best of luck to you DazieBear.  Will be praying for you guys.
6 days ago

Hope everything with went last weekend and congrats!! 

1 day ago

Hey Bears!

Sunday night my beautiful baby boy Ivan was born! We had a few complications,  but we are home safe! He has dark hair like me, a cleft chin like my father (we would have never predicted that one!) But everything else is all his daddy!

7lbs, 4oz and 20 inches of adorable :)

1 day ago