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'Mandatory' masks in Victoria

Started by Bianca in BearsofAustralia 3 weeks ago

Hey guys, came across this law firm on Facebook who are offering free legal advice for anyone issued a fine for this unlawful mask requirement- ;

The link is broken/removed, gotta name of the firm? 
2 weeks ago

The firm is G&B Lawyers.. turns out he had to remove the post - it seems like he may have had his license on the line..  

This is a great document to print off and keep handy if you're pulled over or stopped for not wearing a mask -

Saw a video of a lady successfully using it at a checkpoint but the video has been taken down now..

2 weeks ago
Interesting. I drove to my homestead to fix the roof yesterday and was pulled over. The police were worn out and tired of having the same convo all day. I pulled my t-shirt over my face lol. Then pulled it off when drove away. 
2 weeks ago
I saw the video of a guy doing this. My way is easier. Working, got tools, cover up for 30 seconds. Drive on. 
2 weeks ago

There's a lot of people being shamed in the media for these confrontations with the police.. and of course they highlight the people completely losing their cool and looking kooky.  I'm currently in a web meeting listening to my colleagues say that they wish these 'Karens' would die of covid or bring back public stoning. 

It's all a blame game at the moment - people are sick of being stuck in their house, they want it to end, and the media is providing the ammo for people to blame their current situation on. 

I let despair creep in a bit last week watching people turn on their community members and parents masking their children,  but we must soldier on. Rebel by building! Focus on the garden, continue on the homestead dream and trust in God.

2 weeks ago
Well said Bianca, lets rebel by building. Can anyone suggest any good areas to start/join homesteading communities  - it would be good to be near like minded bears or just based people. Got my veges and 3 chooks on my Brissie suburban block and some great neighbours that also love their gardens but would like to get a block in the bush somewhere and start building.
1 week ago

I suspect Nathan Buckley of G&B lawyers is a bear, I copied a post from his FB below:

Now hiring. A criminal lawyer based in Victoria. Must have experience in challenging fines in Courts. Expect 6 million or so fines against individuals for not wearing a mask. Apply to Nathan Buckley at

Must be available to start asap

1 week ago

6 million  :)

Bear adjacent at the least.

1 week ago

@david-1   I think we need to start the aussie beartrail.. I'm not aware of any 'homesteading communities' on our side of the realm, but I would recommend finding a local permaculture community or 'permablitz' near you. I was involved with one in Vic and it was fantastic for sharing skills/time/produce.. here's one I found in Brisbane - or this facebook group - 

There's a lot of dirty hippies involved, but also some dead set legends! 

I follow this guy from QLD on youtube as well - he's kooky but he's great for gardening & homesteading tips 

As for Nathan Buckley - completely agree.. he's gotta be a bear!

1 day ago
Thanks for the tip - the permaculture community might be a good one to infiltrate, not through subversion but through Crushing. It could be the beginning of a slow march through the slightly left leaning institutions :)  I actually do subscribe to Marks channel already (great minds think alike), he has a model set up even if scaled down for a town block. "aussie beartrail" luv it.
1 day ago