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Mask Encounter

Started by KenBear in Irish Bears 4 weeks ago

Whatsup fellow free thinkers!

Just boarded the busuarus bus from Dublin to Sligo

The bus driver let me on with no mask not a bother, punching my ticket in the process.

About 10 minutes later he did his predeparture walk of the bus and told me to wear a mask

I said I can't wear one due to it causing me severe distress

The bus driver went to his first tool in his arsenary:  Social shame! 

He made sure the whole bus knew, ha!

A man a few rows behind me stepped up in fairness to him and put an absolute rag down on the seat next to me to wear. (I didn't) 

Anyway the bus driver said I'd need a medical note the next time or I won't be able to travel. He gave me more of a lecture, It reminded me of a school teacher.

"You have others to think about not just yourself" 

This is straight out of the communist manifesto ladies and gentlemen, it'll be interesting to see how they ramp it up again this winter. 

Anyway I defeated the angry bus driver, for now

There is great reward in business & in life for dealing with social shame, try to build that muscle at every opportunity! My reward for now sweet sweet oxygen

A similar thing happened to me today, though I'm in England.

The owner of a very small (size of two cupboards) comic book shop I've been going into my whole life had a problem with me showing my "I am exempt" card. He started asking me, "Why, though. WHY are you exempt?"

I was shocked and so just stood there for a while trying to think of something to say. I didn't expect anyone to probe like your bus driver, as it's - for all they know - a medical problem that you can't just announce in front of everyone.

Eventually he conceded and let me in the shop "as long as I made it quick" (ridiculous). I told him that legally he can't demand people tell him what their reason for exemption is, as it counts as an act of discrimination. He said, "Well...legally I don't have to let anybody in at all." This is coming from a guy who I've supported for 20+ years buuuuut what can you do. It didn't surprise me. People are insane and I expect them to be.

It's the same with the bus driver. These people are panicked and terrified of dying, so they think they can demand you explain yourself or "bring a medical note." It's ridiculous. They can't do that under the law, but they're so clueless they think they have authority over you.

Anyways - hang in there, pal.
3 weeks ago
We live in interesting times 
1 week ago