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East Idaho Bears

Not living there yet but working on it!

Started by HappyWolf Bear in East Idaho Bears 2 months ago
My wife and I are on our way to moving to the area! Just working on the logistics of how to make it work right now. 

Hi HappyWolf Bear!

Awesome! And welcome! It will be great to have more bears in the area and hopefully build a good network. 

Where are you guys moving from? Let us know if you need any help moving or getting settled and my husband and I can help however we can. 

I'd love to meet your wife if she's a Bear! There are no female bears here as of yet, and it'd be incredible to meet one!

Anna (Potato Bear)

2 months ago

Calling All Bears, 

I live in Wisconsin. I have a year and a half doing groundswork and apprentice work as an overhead electrical lineman. I did do some underground too. I've done rough carpentry for 2 years. My brother is an electrician, so i know the basics. And my neighbor does masonry, so i spent a summer working with him. 

Months ago I accepted a solar installer job in Pocatello, Idaho. That lasted about a week and then Covid forced me to move back to New Mexico. I'm looking to get back into the Mountain West. I'm interested in plumbing, electrician, hvac, or finish carpentry. I want to develop a skill that will allow me to work alone or with one individual. My old boss told me maintaining a crew is very stressful. 

Would extremely appreciate if anyone has any leads or friends that would take me on. I'm 6'3", 230 lbs, 24 yrs old fit, and a hard worker. Everyone said I was ideal for linework. I loved it, was a thrill. I just want something that will eventually allow me to own my own company. 



1 week ago