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Meat for the heart and stomach

Steak, a man's best friend

Started by MissionsBear (Sean Henry) in Meat for the heart and stomach 1 week ago

This is a combined recipe of a few I know of; plus a few extra touches. 


Steak of choice, buttermilk, Jack Daniels, Montreal steak spice, butter, garlic, mushrooms 

1. Marinate steak of choice in combo of buttermilk, a shot of Jack Daniels and Montreal steak spice. Cover and leave in fridge.  Leave in fridge for 1-2 days. 

2. When going to cook, take out steak from marinade and leave for 10min. Put more Montreal steak spice on each side

3. Stove burner turn heat to medium.

4. Lay steak down on pan far end tip first, then lay down. Cook on first side for about 2min. Goal is to get medium rare. 

5. Cut up as much garlic as want. Farmers market garlic does make this recipe better. 

6. Flip steak. Put in pan some butter. When butter melts, flip steak back and forth once to get nice butter flavour on each side. Add chopped garlic. Make sure garlic gets mixed around in butter.

8. Chop up slices of mushrooms. 

7. After about 2min, take steak out and leave it on the side. Add mushrooms to garlic and butter. Let Sautee a bit. 

8. Once mushroom texture to satisfaction, put muschrooms, garlic and melted butter on top of steak.