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Looking for Land without taking $ from the grabbler!

Started by HistoryBear in North Idaho Bears 5 months ago
My wife and I are on the hunt for some land out here in the depths of the great migration of Idaho. I know it will be tough, but I would appreciate any help from my fellow bears! 
5 months ago
We're in the same boat, looking for land and a job near Sandpoint. Can't get out of mask world Austin soon enough. 
5 months ago

I feel you Sightbear! We just fled the Seattle area, the mecca of mask wearers. It is a different world over here. Kootenai County where we live now in Idaho just voted to uplift their mask mandate given by the Panhandle Health Board. I read today, one board member voted to repeal it because of all the heat he was getting. He said nobody is wearing it anyway lol  It is amazing up here and we need more people to keep it that way! You will love it. Let me know if you need some help with a resume! I write them on the side and would love to help out a fellow bear. God bless you! 

5 months ago
We are working on it too Sightbear. North of Austin in Bell county is horrific and sliding downhill fast. Can't wait to get up north and start over.
5 months ago
Historybear, we are also coming to the north idaho area next spring. Haven't started looking at land without grabble yet, but there are a lot of communities starting up that will likely give you a good start. Think like 50 acres and five families living in tiny houses.
5 months ago

Hi all!  I'm currently in Ohio, and considering a couple options, Idaho being one of those.   I'm also in fb group 'Farms and Development Models' that was originally for bears interested in Missouri, along with other areas of interest.  I just signed up here today, so Idk if there's a group on here like that just yet.  

Keep crushing!

5 months ago
Howdy! I’m in south Idaho (Melba) now and ultimately want to end up farther north. This past weekend I hunted up in Warren and then drove further north through Riggins, Whitebird and Grangeville. Lots of neat, low population towns along 95. Grangeville is a pretty and temperate valley with only a few thousand people living there. I would also imagine that it would be cheaper than Sandpoint/Coeur d’Alene area.  Just my two cents! 
4 months ago

Calling All Bears, 

I live in Wisconsin. I have a year and a half doing groundswork and apprentice work as an overhead electrical lineman. I did do some underground too. I've done rough carpentry for 2 years. My brother is an electrician, so i know the basics. And my neighbor does masonry, so i spent a summer working with him. 

Months ago I accepted a solar installer job in Pocatello, Idaho. That lasted about a week and then Covid forced me to move back to New Mexico. I'm looking to get back into the Mountain West. I'm interested in plumbing, electrician, hvac, or finish carpentry. I want to develop a skill that will allow me to work alone or with one individual. My old boss told me maintaining a crew is very stressful. 

Would extremely appreciate if anyone has any leads or friends that would take me on. I'm 6'3", 230 lbs, 24 yrs old fit, and a hard worker. Everyone said I was ideal for linework. I loved it, was a thrill. I just want something that will eventually allow me to own my own company. 



3 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I'm currently in the Sandpoint area working construction and helping some extended family get established on their bare land. We've got quite a bit of work ahead of us. So far it's been a lot of sawing and burning, but we're looking to move on to fencing and foundations now. 

We're likely going to do things like 2x6 insulated and sheetrocked walls. However, I'm a bit more experimental and adventurous. I'm looking into building with rammed earth (likely starting with ag outbuildings) which is labor intensive, but lasts. It requires the right composition of sand and clay. Judging from what I've seen on jobsites and at the family parcel much of the area may have wonderful building material right in the ground. @wrathofgnon on twitter is a good source for a quick brief on that method and others. Log building, cob, cordwood, and brick are likely freely available in terms of raw material.

If anyone wants to train firearms, talk homesteading, big brain stuff, or whatever I'm in. Perhaps we have a few skills or goods to trade. 

Also, Cowboy Bear, you're onto something with Grangeville. That's a great area and there are some great parcels and people down there.

God bless.