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Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth

What do bears do in a sleuth? Crush. So if you are a bear in the area, join the group for logos, good discussions, ideas, and community.

Contact person(s) : Laconic Bear Johannes Chandler

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Due to lack of demand because of coronu, hundreds of hogs are being sold off cheap! Adult Hogs at 250-300lbs going for $125 (pending getting a phone number to another for $75), butchered is like $1...
I know a couple around here, I'll direct them to this site!
Started by troyfletcher in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 15 hours ago
My family and I live on a farm in Lake Village IN. and we want to build, inspire, grow, fellowship, hangout, sell or barter goods in the northwest Indiana area .
I’m so happy to see other bears in the surrounding area. I’m in Mariemont/Fairfax area, about 10 mins from downtown Cincinnati. I can’t make to the November 30 meet up but hopefully I can meet you ...
Started by JoyBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 1 week ago
Hi,My wife and newborn son just moved to Ohio a little over two weeks ago and would love to host something soon to meet Bears. We are just outside of Cincinnati in Clermont County. If anyone would ...

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