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Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth

Central Ohio Bears

Started by BasuraTrucko in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 2 months ago

Hey bears:

Let me know if there are any bears in the central Ohio area interested in meeting to discuss hunting fishing gardening beekeeping crushing or exchanging goods and services. 

Whats up man, chillin in Marion.
1 month ago
Awesome. I am in the Newark area.  I have a 7 acre homestead with 30 chickens 4 guinea fowl a Scottish highland heifer and honey bees. I semi started a garden this year in pots but didn’t do so well getting it put in the ground or my raised bed. 
1 month ago

That's awesome man. I'm 19, live on a small farm. I'm about to go to basic training for the Air Force National Gaurd, but I'm saving up for hopefully a homestead someday. Just following God's path for me.  Consider me a neighbor! If things go down in the future, I'm a local bear you can meet up with if ever necessary.

1 month ago



Do you know when basic training is starting, where it is going to be and where you could end up stationed after?  I have a close friend who has been air national guard for the last 22 years. He is stationed in Springfield, OH currently and is a few years away from retiring. I hope all goes well. Keep faith and you could return to this area... if that’s what you want. I would like to meet up in the future. I’m just currently swamped with finalizing a chicken coop build and creating a pasture for cattle and goats. I am probable 2 weeks away from finalizing this set up. 

4 weeks ago
HeartlandBear, My family and I are in Cuyahoga Falls. It's cool to see that there are other Bears near. I started hunting 4 years ago, having children 3 years ago and gardening 2 years ago, its been a blast seeing others do the same.
4 weeks ago
Stone Creek OH here
4 weeks ago

I live in Cardington Ohio and would be interested in meeting up with some like minded people whether its a range day, fishing or just hanging out. 


3 weeks ago