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Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth

Summer 2020 Bear Bash

Started by Sean Mohler in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 2 months ago

I wanted to gauge how many Bears in the Great lakes area would be interested in getting together here sometime in the next couple months and pretty much having a cook out. I have a place we can meet up, cook out, camp and do some target practice at, could make a whole weekend out of it.  It would take minimal planning and budget. The location would be Leroy County Ohio. How does a weekend of camping, shooting and hanging out with bears sound to you guys? Sounds like crushing to me. Im not set on the name any other suggestions?

-Ohio Fire Bear

BasuraTrucko is in. I am open any weekend except for June 29th.   Is this a kid friendly outing or bears, non family only?
2 months ago
not sure yet, I dont see it being a problem though. It is private property and a lot of the people who hang out have kids. just a great spot in Ohio to hang out in the country and enjoy the land.
2 months ago
Some nice green land out that way.  Camping and shooting shounds great, anything thing else would be, well.... gravy.
3 weeks ago