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Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth

Just Moved to Cincinnati Ohio

Started by Anthony Gonzales-Clark in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 2 weeks ago


My wife and newborn son just moved to Ohio a little over two weeks ago and would love to host something soon to meet Bears. We are just outside of Cincinnati in Clermont County. If anyone would be interested let me know! 

- Anthony aka Daydream Bear

Day dream bear,

I have a homestead north of Cinci.  If you need goats milk, fresh food, help around your property or just a friend in the area feel free to contact me.

Have a great evening,

1 week ago
That’s exciting! Congrats, we have a 7 month old. We would be down to do a meetup at some point.
1 week ago

We would love to meet! 

We are looking for guidance on how to start our garden. We want to prepare and plan for a garden. Will take any help on that. 

After Thanksgiving holiday my wife and would like to plan and host a get together. Will keep you posted for a date

So cool!

1 week ago