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Moving to(near) Plainfield, IN in the next few weeks

Started by CoffeeRoastingBear in Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth 1 month ago

Hey Indiana bears.  I just took a job in Plainfield and am looking for a place to live.  I'd rather stay outside town in the country.  Probably rent a bit till I can find some property to move into. I am also a single male aged 45 looking for someone to crush with.  Start a homestead etc.  Looking forward to meeting some IN bears!

1 month ago

Hey this is Leotabear.  We live the near nw side of Indy and I know a few people in Plainfield.  I believe Moonjazzbear lives in Plainfield or perhaps Mooresville.  There are plenty of nice spots in the area.  Anywhere around Plainfield, Mooresville, Avon, even Brownsburg or Monrovia have plenty of nice places.  Might I suggest on the western side of these little towns.  Less grabbly, more down to earth.  They all are small towns with their own character, but are now budding sections of urban sprawl of Indianapolis.

1 month ago

Leota bear is correct! I have a an acre in the middle of plainfield, but west of town, bellville clayton stilesville monrovia, are great farm towns! Bud bear and how dare you bear are also close by.