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My -Biblical- Health Perspective

Started by SheBear in Health Bears 11 months ago

2 Ways to look at Health

1- From a design point of view, that we were designed by an Almighty Creator who KNOWS what He is doing and knows what would happen in the future and therefore created us with that information in mind to create a well working body for us to live in - a Temple that is.. 

2- From an 'Big bang' / accidental type of view, that our body is still evolving and wasn't designed perfectly, originally - quite the opposite and therefore we need to rely on mankind to improve it with things we create like Pharmakia.

I believe our body was created perfectly but after the fall in Genesis, sin corrupted the whole of creation therefore making it harder to keep our body in its healthy state. The Bible is my source of all truth and because all truth is connected in all kinds of ways, so would the truth about health. Most people think of health being merely physical as it pertains to our physical body but we have a soul and it wasn't a physical thing that caused the fall, it was spiritual which ended up affecting the physical world. Therefore we need to approach health in both realms.

Sin caused the fall, sin is transgression of the commandments so perhaps we should look at doing the opposite, to reveres the effect and thereby we can follow a healthy spiritual guide that will in turn help keep us physically healthy.

Our Body is like a car

A car is designed to run on certain things, the designer of the car gives us the instructions on how to maintain it and what warning signs mean what. God gave us a great manual called the Bible, it explains the origins and the safety guidelines. 

Warning Signs 

When we get sick or when we experience abnormalities in the function of our body that is our body's way of warning us that something isn't running properly. It could even be the body trying to fix itself, such as a fever which is a function to kill off the sickness by heating it up so it cant survive. Some people assume a fever is the body over heating and needs to be cooled down, this can lead to further complications, especially if you drastically reduce the fever without giving the body time to adjust- (here is a great video explanation on this) 

Warning signs often come in the form of deficiencies just as when your car is running out of 'gas' the warning light goes on, the way to solve that is not by unplugging the light! Sadly that is how many doctors treat your bodies warning signs, by 'switching off' the symptom, often causing further issues - even when you don't see those issues right away. 

Our body runs on multiple things, Vitamins, Minerals, Oils, Fats etc and to maintain our health we need to ensure we are giving our body everything it needs. We can find all of those things within creation - because God wouldn't have created our body without giving us the things it needs. We can find what we need in various forms within the environment He created - animals - plants - water - the sun - fresh air.

Examples of Deficiencies:

Vitamin- Vitamin K: Excessive bleeding | Easy bruising | Heavy, painful menstrual periods | Bleeding in the GI tract | Blood in the urine/stool | Bone density loss

Mineral - Copper: Anemia | Bone abnormalities | Osteoporosis | Copper deficiency neuropathy | Low numbers of white blood cells known as neutrophils  (neutropenia) | Increased susceptibility to infection | Impaired growth | Premature graying of hair/hair with less pigment than normal | Skin paleness | Neurological symptoms

Fatty Acid - Omega 3:  Inflammation (sometimes severe) that’s associated with pain, stiffness and poor healing | Possibly a higher risk for heart disease and high cholesterol | Digestive disorders | Allergies | Arthritis | Joint and muscle pain | Mental health issues, like depression | Poor brain development in infants and young children | Attention deficit problems, including ADHD in children | Neurodegenerative and neurological disorders, including cognitive decline in older adults, dementia and memory loss

Now that you understand where I am coming from my advice may make more sense and I hope you can use this analogy to figure out how to fix your own symptoms and learn how to maintain your body as best as you can, its the least we can do to show our appreciation to the amazing creator.

Next I will touch on His guidelines and the impacts of obeying them (Blessings) vs when we disobey (Curses).  Deuteronomy 30:19-20..

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days.."          

Find out what your warning lights are telling you here

11 months ago

"Most people think of health being merely physical as it pertains to our physical body but we have a soul and it wasn't a physical thing that caused the fall, it was spiritual which ended up affecting the physical world. Therefore we need to approach health in both realms."

I like this observation, SheBear.  A clear conscience toward God goes a long way toward a healthy body.

10 months ago
Thank you for this! Spot on.
10 months ago
Exactly.  Thank you. :)