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Turpentine, Castor Oil, Sugar?

Started by J-Bear in Health Bears 11 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm hearing about Turpentine and Castor Oil being a great combination for promoting good health. But I've also seen lots of comments and different information about how to take it (many people also saying it's toxic).

I'm amazed at how it was given as a solution to multiple bodily issues many years ago (I forgot which manual Big Bear said...but I checked it out and saw it as a remedy to a significant number of problems).

Any recommendations or sources/experiences? Please share!

11 months ago

Dr. Jennifer Daniels has a lot on turpentine. 

The sugar is just to make taking the dose easier. I hear the turp ain't the tastiest thing.

11 months ago

The smell and flavor is great.  It wiped out something in my gut on the first dose.

11 months ago
Thanks everyone, for the links and content. Will start aggregating this info on the weekends, because I think there's so much truth that's ignored or forgotten, that's now coming back!
11 months ago

THanks @kettlebell-bear ! Definitely will be trying it out in the next few weeks. From what I've read, it's something that people would do 2x per year to stay healthy, plus more when someone is feeling under the weather. Really interesting how it's not discussed anymore...

11 months ago

So far, I've found that using a combination of Turpentine, Castor Oil, and Pure Honey, and chasing it down with Water about 1-2 hours ahead of any meal, really works out well.

We'll see where I'm at in a few weeks, but it's going great so far!
9 months ago
I've done it myself and it doesn't do much if you don't actually have any parasites. Probably best not to do it more than once or twice a year. 
5 months ago
Been doing the castor oil/turp sporadically for a few years now. Part of life now, love it
5 months ago

I've been sitting on my hands for years on this one. No longer worried now that bears are giving some testimony. Perhaps it's time to begin.

@hinterlander : When you do this sporadically, do you do it for 3-4 days in a row? Not everyday like Doctor Daniels? Or do you do it everyday for 2 weeks and stop for 5 months, and maybe again like that?

5 months ago

@cybear  Hey Cybear!

Hmm good question...  I don't think I've ever done it for more than about 7 days in a row. Never felt the need to do a 2 week bender, but I know people do it. By sporadic I guess I mean I'll do it about 3-4 times a month randomly.

You know about Dr. Daniels, so you know how to find the right Turpentine, I reckon?? And Castor oil, if you're doing that method?

5 months ago

@hinterlander - Thanks! Yep, I went for the top-shelf American handcrafted 100% pure gum spirits. Same place Dr.D gets it from if I recall correctly. She had recommend the source.

I'll probably go the sugar cube route. I need to wait a little bit of time first... I started drinking soda again 2 days ago. Oh boy. I'll stop. Had to remember the taste of Dr. Pepper. Delicious but noo! Could just make my own I suppose. I'm overtired.

5 months ago



Right on my friend!

I can't wait to hear how it goes for you. I'm sure you've heard the stories... Let us know?

Took a Tbsp of castor and 1/4 tsp of Turp this morning.. Big Medicine!

5 months ago

@cyber bear i see its a bit late for the answer to the initial question first but as you have been waiting on this i will try to add to what the other bears have already said.

yes turpentine is usefull and tes it is toxic (when taken at a lethal dose). If you follow doctor daniel's method you will never near the lethal dose and shouldnt even have any notable side effects. The lowest lethal dose on record for infants is roughly a Tablespoon (15ml if i remember correctly) and adults are far higher. if you are taking it with sugar cubes or sugar teaspoon you should never reach that. 

Turpentine doesn't build long term but it does stay in your system for more than a day so don't take it for more than 4 days straight or you may start to have side effects. It is usefull for parasites and internal fungal/yeast but if you have neither, one tsp every 6 months should be sufficient for prevention. 

And yes it would be adviseable to lay off the soda before using it

5 months ago

Hey Bears,

I’ve done the turpentine treatment.  Couldn’t stomach it with just castor oil.  The smell and taste is repulsive to me.  But it’s tolerable if taken with sugar.  If you have never gone through a parasite cleanse, it’s an absolute must.  I had so many nasty critters come out of me, I could hardly believe it.  

I had terrible die off symptoms for a good 10 days (days 3-8 were the worst) but it was worth it.  After my 3 week cleanse, I felt about 20 years younger. 

Keep crushing. 

5 months ago

@live-for-viv-bear Yeah the castor oil is a horrible taste/smell, for sure.

I have a friend who is older, with a bunch of health issues/meds.. anyone have any insight on feeding turpentine to "the infirm"?

5 months ago

@hinterlander  for your sick friend I highly suggest a parasite cleanse. I was very sickly and super depressed.  That all changed after my parasite cleanse.  It healed me.

I would have your friend go slow. The die-off symptoms are severe, especially if one has never removed parasites from the body.    It’s also important to take some supplement that helps flush the system while killing the parasites, otherwise the die off is way worse. 

For my first parasite cleanse I used a kit called Parastroy it’s herbal and natural. One of the pills kills the bugs, the other helps the system flush the buggers out.

After that I’ve used turpentine and another anti-parasite liquid.  Because the eggs are dormant and take three weeks to hatch.  So it’s wise to do a cleanse for a whole 3 weeks, then take a short break, and follow with another- to kill the eggs that survived.

I do a cleanse now about once or twice a year and it’s a piece of cake compared to the first one.

I would suggest Parastroy for your friend, but have him start slow.  If the directions are 2 pills 3xday, have him take 2 pills twice a day/  drinking tons of water is important also.  

I considered quitting almost every minute of those first 10 days because I was so ill, but once I saw the countless worms (gross, I know) that we’re being expelled; it motivated me to continue. 

I’d have him follow up with the turpentine, it heals many body ailments and passes through the blood/brain barrier better than most.  It will help to decalcify the pineal gland also. 

5 months ago
Diamond G forest Products makes the 100% pure pine gum spirits of turpentine. This is the brand I used and BB used (I believe) 
5 months ago
@hinterlander  Im not a doctor though; and I don’t know your friends condition. I wouldn’t want what I used to make him more ill.  I just wanted to share my thoughts.  Best to you and your friend. 
5 months ago


 I'm gonna see him here shortly.. I'll read him what you said and let him decide. I already told him he may keel over haha. Gallows humor, I know, but it works..

Yes Diamond G is my brand also..


5 months ago

I’ve taken straight turpentine nightly for over 3 months and have had zero negative side affects. In fact my teeth feel incredibly strong, a minor cavity doesn’t bother me anymore and my digestion has never been better! I take 12 drops and swish for a bit every night. Also I buy from a company in Georgia named haha it seemed apropos. If you want some gravy research look into the compounds which make up turpentine. Alpha and beta pinene, turpenoids, etc. Cannabis is actually quite high in turpenoids.  

Just my .02 

5 months ago
@michael-miller  Gravy my friend, many thanks
5 months ago

@cowboybear swish?  Do you swallow it or swish?  And the taste, it doesn’t bother you?  I gave up daily a while ago because of the taste, wonder if it’s better to swish. 

I know it was used like crazy in the past as a cure all.  I need to try it again. It’s been about a year. 

5 months ago

I swish for about five minutes then swallow it. The taste doesn’t bother me at all. It’s potent for sure but doesn’t taste bad. I know that there are different tree varieties as well as distillation processes used in making turpentine. The stuff I use from Bear Resins  is Georgia Pine and “premium polished and triple distilled”. What that means I don’t know entirely but it may have something to do with the taste? 

Something I forgot to add-I put it in peppermint tea sometimes and the taste is overpowered.. may be useful for you! 

Place 4 drops or so on a dry tea bag then make as usual. The turpentine does not float on the top of the water as some essential oils do. 

5 months ago

I’ve also had decent luck using turpentine as a flea killer/deterrent for my collie. I have only used it a couple times but it seems to work. 

Take your turpentine bottle dropper and drop a dozen or so drips along animals spine  in a line. Can place a few more at rear as fleas seem to congregate there haha. Then rub in. 

Something I want to try the next time is to utilize a carrier oil. The carrier will help the turpentine spread and stick better. Coconut oil should work. Just dissolve desired amount of turpentine into maybe a half tablespoon of carrier oil and rub in. 

5 months ago
Thanks @cowboy bear I’m Dixon’ to give it another try. I know it cures way more than we know. Also, as a owner of three beloved dogs, thanks for the tip. I’m sure it’s better for them Then Frontline.
5 months ago
Welcome! :) @live
5 months ago

Great info @notziebear and @michael-miller . Thanks!

1 month ago

@live-for-viv-bear  I bought Parastroy but I've been too scared of what I will find. When you did your cleanse, were you able to function normally and work as usual?

1 month ago

@nicole-faucheaux  I got really sick, but it was worth it.  From day 3-8 I’d say it was really difficult.  I would definitely plan maybe a Friday to Monday off and have that be days 3-7 or 4-8.

a friend of mine didn’t get nearly as sick as I did.  But she had done a lot of other cleanses in her life. 

1 month ago

Awesome responses guys, really appreciate it!