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Bear Cub Playground Takeover!

Started by Kainoah Amala in Portland Bears 3 weeks ago


If you're a Bear with cubs, and your cubs are not getting enough time to play with other cubs, you're not alone!

I want to organize a plan for the Bears With Cubs to meet up at a playground. Weekends tend to work best, but let's see what works for everyone! 

If you're in the area and you have Cubs, post your general area and a day that would work for you. We will make a solid plan when we know more about who is Available.

Location should be a centrally located playground. I'm thinking of Mt. Tabor Park.

Update 01/02/2021: based on who I have heard from so far, Saturday, January 9th at 1pm is going to be the time and date. Mt. Tabor Park playground is the location.

I'm also hoping to make this event either a monthly or every-other-week sort of thing, so fret not if your schedule doesn't work with this one! There will be more. My hope is that we can do a different park with each event, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. We look forward to seeing everyone there! Onward to Beartaria!!


Update 01/07/2021: The Location has been moved to Laurelhurst Park Playground.

This will hopefully make it easier to meet up. The size of Mt Tabor Park causes logistical issues with the meetup. Laurelhurst Park is right off of 39th Ave, between Stark and Burnside. The playground is located on the South side of the park. I have also created an event page for the Playground Takeover, containing a google maps link to the exact location.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Onward to Beartaria!

3 weeks ago

I live in Clackamas and tues-sat is our available days. 2 & 3  and 14 year old cubs

3 weeks ago

@carly that's great! Thanks for reaching out! 

3 weeks ago

I'd be interested too! 2 and 1 year old. Before lunch would be easier for us but I can be flexible. Weekends are best. =)

2 weeks ago

I’ll be there with 2 yr old twins!