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Midsouth Bears

Where the South meets the Midwest meets Logos, you'll find us crushing.

Contact person(s) : ArkieBear

34 8 0 Arkansas Kentucky Mississippi Missouri Tennessee

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Greetings, Just wondering if anyone in the group gardens or is planning to start? I ask because it might be helpful to share ideas, tips, and even seeds (or starters if we're close enough). We're a...
Started by Travis in Midsouth Bears 1 day ago
Hi Bears, I have a proposal. It's not for everyone. Who is interested in a homestead (HS) team up? The basic idea is like a housing cooperative. Where the apartment users group own the building an...
Started by MarsPlum in Midsouth Bears 1 day ago
Heyy yall!  Laura bear here!!!So upon further discussion. Some of us are planning on meeting up at Wolf river brisket co. On DEC. 5th in Mississippi!Address is : 6542 Goodman Rd, Olive Branch, MS 3...
Started by Laura Bear in Midsouth Bears 3 days ago
Fellow Midsouth bears, after you join the group, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you.  I'll start.
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 3 days ago
Hello fellow Midsouth Bears!  I hope you are all crushing.  I hope to get your input on some things.  Shortly after forming the group, I received interest from some members in having a Midsouth Bea...
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 1 week ago

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