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Midsouth Bears

Where the South meets the Midwest meets Logos, you'll find us crushing.

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21 5 0 Arkansas Kentucky Mississippi Missouri Tennessee

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Hello Bears! I've been listening to Owen for a few years now and I finally want to be part of the Bear community! Any bears living in Arkansas?  I live around Pulaski County. 
Started by LittleRockBear in Midsouth Bears 2 weeks ago
Hi Bears, I have a proposal. It's not for everyone. Who is interested in a homestead (HS) team up? The basic idea is like a housing cooperative. Where the apartment users group own the building an...
Started by MarsPlum in Midsouth Bears 1 month ago
Hello fellow bears, 1776Bear here. I have been an subscriber since May 15th, basic 10 a month membership. I haven't gotten an invite to the new site yet. I have checked my spam fold...
Started by Luke Kendall in Midsouth Bears 1 month ago
Fellow Midsouth bears, after you join the group, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you.  I'll start.
Started by ArkieBear in Midsouth Bears 2 months ago
may I  join? I am just a little father north in Illinois.I am 60 miles south east of St. Louis, Mo thanksBedridden bear
Started by BedriddenBear in Midsouth Bears 2 months ago

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