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Midsouth Bears

Any Bears in Arkansas

Started by LittleRockBear in Midsouth Bears 2 weeks ago
Hello Bears! I've been listening to Owen for a few years now and I finally want to be part of the Bear community! Any bears living in Arkansas?  I live around Pulaski County. 
Hello, fellow Arkansas bear. I'm ArkieBear, and I live in Craighead County. I was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas. I have family in Little Rock, and so am fairly familiar with the area. Tell us a little more about yourself, and ask any questions you like. It's good to have you aboard.
2 weeks ago

My fellow ArkansanBear, hello! I’m happy to know there is at least one bear near me. I’ve lived in a lot of places around Arkansas. NE AR I am not too familiar with though. 

I am 29 years old, I’ve had a homestead in the past, unfortunately I was renting the place so I lost everything when the owner switched to his sister and she kicked us out so that she could live there. Currently I’m doing a work trade in Hawaii doing garden and yard work. When I return my sights are set on acquiring a home that I own this time so that I can start another homestead that will not be taken away from me so that I can start and raise a family. I am currently single, but my hopes are to be fruitful and multiply once I am united with my beloved through God. In the mean time I’ll be paving the way. 

2 weeks ago
Not exactly  Arkansas, but I am in Memphis, a couple hours away. We are always driving down to JFK Park and trout fishing in the Little Red though. We go a few times a year. If you ever make it to the Memphis area, you should hit me up. I have a small homestead in progress, on the outskirts of Memphis, 4 acres. Wife, 5 year old son and another son on the way. 
2 weeks ago

Yo Jonathan!

I live in the memphis area as well!

My wife and I just moved out of east memphis and are renting next door to her mom in byhalia ms, 1 mile south of goodman road and byhalia.

Hit me up if you ever want to meet up or hang!

I'm 26, love gardening and homesteading. Love shooting guns and talking about the deeper things in life haha.

We also have a baby girl due August 14th!

Follow me on instagram if you wanna vet me @ luketkendall and my wife @ kerryakendall

We've been looking to get together with local bears to build comunity for some time now!

2 weeks ago
Thats awesome about the little one on the way, my wife is due in December. You are not to far from me, I am out in Eads. I have only been there for 3 months though, we were also living in East Memphis, and I had to get out. Luckily we sold and moved right before all the nonsense started. I am definitely down to get together. Are you on FB? I hate it, but I use if for messenger. 
2 weeks ago

No way! That's awesome! I've got a buddy that lives out in eads and my wife has a friend out there as well.  Yeah I'm on facebook. I dont use social media that often but feel free to add me and shoot me a message on there. 

My full name of FB is Lucas Tanner Kendall

2 weeks ago